England Troutmasters reports for week-ending April 22nd, 2016

Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk
Restocking again this week so another load of hard-fighting fin-perfect rainbows added to the lake. Buzzers are doing welll, and on warmer days small black dries are also catching. The Norwich Game Fair is this weekend (April 23-24), hope to see some of you there on Sunday.

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
Another very busy week and two double-figure fish were caught. Steve Bilborough from Cramlington caught 14 fish on Montanas and Buzzers and returned a rainbow of approximately 10lb to Dunnydeer Lake. The second double-figure fish was caught on Sunday by Duncan Graham from Berwick-upon-Tweed whose 11lb 8oz rainbow fell to a Bloodworm. The Chatton Ladies Angling Club had a great day on Saturday. Leslie Johnston from Chirnside caught a lovely 4lb 4oz rainbow, while Margaret Ward from Rothbury and Caroline Brown from Longhorsley also caught fish. The next Chatton Ladies Angling Club meeting is on Saturday May 21. The Hoy and Hope Fishing Club’s Sunday competition was won by Kris Harvey with four fish for 15lb 4oz. Second was Alec Harvey with four fish for 14lb 12oz and third Gareth Beagarie with two fish for 9lb. All but one of the club members caught fish on the day.
An exceptional amount of fish in the 4lb to 9lb bracket have been caught again this week. Buzzers, Diawl Bachs, Bloodworms and black and green or white and yellow lures have been working well. Alan Kemlo from Glasgow caught his first ever fish since he started flyfishing a month ago. Ken Nott from North Shields caught 11 fish using Bloodworms and black and green flies. Ken Glenton from Ashington caught 11 fish on Buzzers. Stu Younger from Blyth caught 10 fish using Cormorants. Davie Parker from Newcastle caught 10 fish using Buzzers. Wullie Emery from Newbiggin kept four fish and returned six on Bloodworms. Howard Croston from Ellington enjoyed his half day’s fishing, catching nine fish using a Zonker and a Black PTN. Davie Bilborough from Gosforth caught 10 fish using Buzzers. Matty Divine from Hadston caught 12 fish using Bloodworms, Pheasant Tails and lures. Robbie Bell from Berwick-upon-Tweed kept one fish and returned 10 using Buzzers. Robert Hedley from Guidepost kept five fish and returned 12 using lures. Darren Milburn from Blyth kept five fish and returned five also using lures.
The Eddie Brown Memorial Competition is being held on Sunday May 22, please ring the fishery to book a space on 01668 215226. Jim and Tracey Tuck are organising a fundraiser to raise money for Barnados on Saturday June 18 2016, please ring Jim Tuck to book a place on 07985 232437 (after 6pm). An All Night Fishing Experience' will be held on the evening of Saturday June 25 (no need to book).
Closing at 8.30pm this week. A reminder that the fishery will be open until 10pm on a Friday and Saturday evening starting from Friday 29th April 26.

Exe Valley Trout Fishery, Somerset
Lots of excitement last week as the fishery record brown trout weighing 14lb 10oz was finally caught. Dr Mike Webster played it for almost an hour using just a 5wt rod and 8lb leader. He sent a friend to find Nick Hart, the fishery manager, and a bigger net to land it! The fish, stocked back in November last year, was in immense condition. Successful fly was a Hare’s Ear and Mike, who could not bring himself to make a meal of the leviathan, is going to have it set up. A couple of young lads that Nick introduced to fishing had a good weekend. Tom Hilton was invited along for a day’s fishing by his mate Paris and the boys finished with six apiece but Tom won the big fish award by a long way with an 8lb 12oz rainbow. The successful method was a Mepps Aglia 0 to just 4lb mainline and a 6ft rod!  Best fish for Paris was 3lb 12oz. Fran Eastwood holidays in the area with her hubby and the main attraction is the chance to go fishing. She was struggling on one of the sessions so Nick gave her a few bits of advice and left her to it. Returning later he found Fran with a very big smile and an 8lb 8oz rainbow! And finally one of the fishery regulars, Tom Hendy, was super pleased with a fin-perfect rainbow weighing 8lb 6oz from Anchor Lake.

Eyebrook Trout Fishery, Leicestershire
Richard Watson of Marston Trussell opted to fish at Mucky Bay where he caught and released 20 quality rainbows, mostly taken on Black Buzzers. Dave Lawrence of Little Bowden fished the bung and Buzzer at the Bell and caught four and lost four. Stuart Richards of Hallaton also fished the indicator and Buzzer from the bank at the Bell and caught and released 20 rainbows. John Eaton of Horncastle caught and released a fantastic brown trout of 8lb 7oz using a Black Buzzer off the island. The fish took all of John’s line and backing off the reel. Meanwhile John’s fishing friends Arthur Sykes of Skegness, Bill Presgrave of Sibsey and Stuart Jackson of Ashby de la Launde also enjoyed their day’s sport fishing with Black Buzzers. Bill Whittle of Grantham bank-fished at the bird hide and took a beautifully conditioned overwintered 4lb 7oz rainbow trout on an Olive Buzzer.
Hebdon Bridge angler John Ryle enjoyed his visit to Eyebrook and caught a nice brace of rainbows from the boat on Black Buzzers. The lads of Higham Ferrers Fly Fishers took part in one of their first boat matches of the season at Eyebrook and all had a really enjoyable day afloat and all caught fish. The highlight of the day seemed to be the fact that club member Mark Frost caught at least a few of his fish on Buzzers (Mark is generally a bit of a lure basher!). He also caught the heaviest fish of the day at 2lb 7oz.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Grafham continues to provide excellent sport with a rod average of 8.46 for the week. Bank anglers enjoyed great sport, particularly along the north shore and the dam. The most prolific areas along the north shore have been Hill Farm, Pig Bay, Deep Water and Pylon Points, G Buoy, Willows and the north end of the dam. Bank anglers are using floating or fast sink lines to good effect with Buzzers, Crunchers, Damsel Nymphs, Pitsford Pea and Black and Green Boobies. The boat anglers have had a great week with the north shore giving the most consistent sport. The best boat areas have been Stumps, T and G Buoys, Hill Farm, Pig Bay, Hedge End, Deep Water Point, Willows and the north end of the dam. The best method has been to fish floating lines with Black Buzzers under the bung or fast sink lines with Damsel Nymphs, Black and Green Boobies, Tadpoles, Snakes and Tequila Blobs. Best rainbow of 4lb 4oz was taken by R.M. Robertson.
The Troutmasters fish-off was won by Rob with eight fish for 20lb 8oz, his best fish weighing 3lb 9oz. Rob fished a Di-8 line with a Black and Green booby, fishing from Hill Farm in the morning and the north end of the dam in the afternoon.
Thirty anglers fished the Police Match, catching 201 trout for an excellent rod average of 6.7. Top four man team was Norfolk A, who caught 32 trout for 78lb 14oz. John Sudlow from Norfolk A was top individual with eight trout for 23lb 5oz. John also took the heaviest fish of the match with a cracking overwintered brown of 5lb 6oz. The most productive method of the match was to fish Buzzers under the bung at Hill Farm and the Willows.

Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire
Last week 75 rods caught 289 fish for an average of 3.85. Another cracking week on the trout fishery with loads of fish moving on the top and some excellent dry fly fishing reported. The largest rainbow of the week was an 11lb 8oz fish caught by Rod Lacey of Nuneaton who was fishing from a boat on Cocks Close. He caught it on a Diawl Bach with a floating line. Rod caught 14 other fish and all were safely returned. Ade Cooper of Maxstoke caught six fish on small dries fished from the bank of Cocks Close with his best going at 4lb. Dave Atkins of Birmingham fished from a boat on Cocks Close and used small dries and emergers to catch seven fish to 5lb. Alan Draper of Birmingham fished from the bank of Cocks Close and caught and returned nine fish using small Buzzers on a floating line. On the Park Meadow pool, Clive Squires of Coventry caught nine fish to 4lb on Green and Black Buzzers fished on a floating line. Both pools are fishing well with lots of fish moving around all areas. They are coming to Buzzers and Olive tactics with CdC Emergers, Black or Olive Buzzer, Shipman’s Buzzers and dry Olives all catching a few fish. Big Damsels or Cat’s Whiskers are also producing plenty of pulls. Boat and bank anglers are enjoying decent sport with the wires bank and the road bank best on Cocks Close.

Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire
The buzzer fishing is even more impressive this week and the rod average is a very good 5.9. Either straight-line nymphing or fishing under an indicator has produced fish from most areas. The only downside has been a slowing down of bank sport due to the fish gorging on buzzer in slightly deeper water. Mark Draper from Hollowell had a superb day taking eight fish for 22lb and returning another 33. Elizabeth Breare had her first visit to Pitsford since completing an Anglian Water Beginners course and had a nice 11lb 8oz rainbow from the bank. Neil Young and Lloyd Chantrelle boat-fished along the Narrows taking 16 trout, two nice browns and a pike of 22lb. Alex Lees and boat partner Gordon Whyte from Scotland, fished on a three-day holiday package with one day on Ravensthorpe followed by two days on Pitsford. They had 13 fish and returned 52 over the two days. The best bank areas are Duffers, Bog Bay, Stilton and Gorse. Boat anglers have found fish in Bog Bay, Stone Barn and Brixworth Bay. On Saturday April 23 Pitsford will be open for fly-tying tuition, casting coaching and friendly advice on all fishing matters organised by members of the Mid Northants Trout Fishers Association – everyone welcome.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire
It’s been a very busy week and anglers have enjoyed some excellent sport. The fishery hosted Mid Northants Trout Fishers Association with 22 anglers catching 217 fish for a rod average of 9.8. Top rod was Ashley Cooper with his best fish (out of a total bag of 22) weighing 9lb 5oz. Pete Webb took second place and Terry Bayes came third.
Arnold Haddon had the biggest fish of the week a superb rainbow of 13lb taken on a Black Buzzer in the Coton End. Mr Watson caught a rainbow of 11lb 4oz on a Black Buzzer and his boat partner Mr James took a rainbow of 11lb on a Diawl Bach. The pair landed 42 fish on Buzzers at various depths. Rob Edmunds caught a 30lb pike during the week on a Tadpole fly with his 2wt rod! It took Rob about 40 minutes to land it. Best boat areas are Coton End, Boils, and in front of platforms 4-6. Best bank areas are the dam and platforms 1-8.

Rutland Water, Rutland
Despite the inclement weather last week, which included snow showers in addition to more than our fair share of rainfall, anglers enjoyed good sport. The rod average for the week was 5.8. Best rainbow of 5lb 3oz was taken by Vincent Howley of London, and the best brown at 5lb 8oz was taken by Roger Marshall of South Luffenham. Most areas are crystal clear, although at times the bottom of the south arm has shown some colour, albeit not substantial. Buzzer hatches are frequenting most areas of the lake at present; tempting stocked fish to soon convert to natural food items. Snail and shrimp are amongst buzzer on the trout’s menu with many gaining weight rapidly.
Boat anglers have enjoyed sport using a variety of methods, mostly fishing from a drifting boat; either casting lures fished on intermediate and higher density lines, or fishing imitatively with Buzzers, either using the bung/indicator or straight-lining with floating lines. Those employing the rudder technique have also done well when substantial winds persisted.
With the exception of the use of sinking lines, tactics have been very similar for the bank anglers. Floating lines with Buzzers or brightly coloured lures have been successful at times with again a mobile approach necessary. Areas seeing the most action this week have been Normanton Church to Fantasy Island, Whitwell frontage and Creek mouth with some overwintered browns reported. Old Hall Bay has had a good concentration of fish alongside Dickenson’s Bay and the Green Bank. Armley Wood, an area not seeing much boat pressure, has also held fish in the past week. Season ticket holder Adrian Baggaley caught five nice overwintered fish between 2lb 8oz and 3lb at the top of the south arm this week.
Rutland Water hosted the first of the Anglian Water Airflo International heats on Monday April 11. Rules for the day were to be a four fish kill with a further eight to be caught and released. Conditions were forecast to be tough but proved to be kind to those taking part, with 54 anglers catching 503 fish at a rod average of 9.31. The five teams qualifying for the regional final were Keilder Dabblers, The Old Youth, Ospreys, RAF Fish Hawks and the winners of the heat the Northern Drifters. The top team caught 69 fish for a total weight of 147lb 3oz. Best fish of the heat was caught by Kin Green with a specimen of 4lb 7oz.

Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex
Lake one saw a major restocking for spring with more than 500 fish delivered. Emerging dry flies and lures have been doing very well for both rainbows and browns. Lake two saw double-figure bags for regulars with a variety of patterns working from Snakes on the bottom to tiny dry flies in the surface film, and Suspender Buzzers a few feet down. A fair few fish in the 7-9lb class recorded, both rainbows and browns. Lake three produced a few more double-figure browns (see Facebook for pictures) with rainbows to 7lb taken on red patterns, Bloodworms and Buzzers.

Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire
Last week's tremendous rod average was always going to be hard to live up to and as predicted the anglers fishing small nymphs and dries enjoyed the best sport this week. In the clear water anglers fishing the bigger lure patterns struggled on the whole, though there were still a few caught on Black Tadpoles and Cat’s Whiskers. Andy's little emerger pattern continued to provide great results, Martin Rowson, Trev Ward and Dave McGeever all enjoyed success with it at times when other anglers around them struggled. For the week the 87 rods caught 310 trout for a rod average of 3.56. With a recent stocking of heavy fish into double-figures we would urge you all to make sure your gear is up to the job, that hooks are sharp and knots tied correctly to help you land one of these prized specimens. The coming few weeks should remain pretty similar to the last couple with nymphs and dry flies catching the greater share of the fish. The washing-line method with a small FAB on the point can be useful when the fish are high in the water.
Toft is systematically taking the boats off a couple at a time this year for general maintenance and a tidy up. Anglers requiring boats are advised to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Also a reminder that this year the fishery will close at 7.30pm prompt on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and stay open until dusk on Thursday to Sunday. Boats should be back in before dusk to allow the safe removal of motors and equipment.

Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham
It was a week of big fish and, undeterred by the chill winds, 51 anglers enjoyed some good, heavyweight sporting action and returned a decent rod average of 4.3. Amongst the big fish landed were two impressive doubles of 14lb and 12lb caught and returned by D. Simpson. K. Appleby landed a lovely 9lb specimen, G. Patterson had an equally fine 8lb rainbow while F. Archer and E. Carmichael both caught and returned a 7lb rainbow each. The best bags of the week belonged to K. Chicken, the only angler to reach the 15 fish limit, I. Purvis was close behind with a bag of 14 fish, T. Ross had 10 and 13 fish on two separate visits, R. Hill had a bag of 12 and finally S. Berryman and J. Garget landed 10 fish each. Top of the water action has been particularly good this week with the first of the season’s hatches towards the end of the week, tempting the fish to rise across both lakes. This has dictated which flies have been most successful, particularly later in the week - CdC Shuttlecocks, Shipman’s Buzzers and emergers have caught the majority of fish.