England Troutmasters reports for week-ending February 19th, 2016

Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk
An excellent week’s catches with several anglers catching more than 10 fish in a session. Apps’ Bloodworms under an indicator on a floating line are favourite. Also several fish reported to Yellow Dancers and Cat’s Whiskers on an intermediate line. The fish are in superb condition at the moment and are fighting well.

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
The fish of the week was caught by Chris Hodgson, from Berwick-upon-Tweed, who returned a 15lb rainbow to Dunnydeer Lake after tempting it on a black lure. The fish was his personal best at the fishery. David Wafer, from Wallsend, caught a 4lb 4oz rainbow caught from Dunnydeer Lake on a Dawson’s Olive. Although the lakes are still coloured anglers are picking up fish at a variety of depths using Buzzers, Dawson’s Olives, Montanas, Orange Fritz and Black Bunny Leeches. The Chatton Ladies are meeting at 9.30am on Saturday February 20 in the lodge, everyone welcome. The fishery is fully booked on Saturday February 27 due to the Fritz 'n' Flies Final Competition - we apologise for any inconvience this may cause. The fish is closing at 4.30pm this week.

Elinor Trout Fishery, Northamptonshire
Opening weekend on February 13-14 saw 52 anglers catch 241 fish of which 138 were returned. In a cold north easterly wind bank anglers did much better than boats with the fish close in and noticeably switching on from 11.30am onwards. Floater or slow intermediate lines were working best and the top patterns were black/green lures, Cat's Whiskers, Apps’ Bloodworm, Orange Blob, Damsels, and Hare’s Ears. Best fish was a 10lb 15oz rainbow for Sean Roe, from Kettering, on an Olive Humungus. Best areas include the dam, gravel bar, shallow bay, and Brookside Bay. A couple of upcoming bank competitions that are open to all: Saturday February 20 is the AT-TEFF Fundraiser, entry £25 (£10 for season ticket holders). Telephone Carl Nixon 07794 144034 for details.
Elinor will be hosting the final of the Iain Barr/Airflo Bank Masters Final on Sunday April 17 with a first prize of £2000 and many other prizes. Qualifying heats at Elinor will be on March 13 and April 2. Full details and entry form at www.iainbarrflyfishing.co.uk

Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire
Last week 54 rods caught 147 fish for an average of 2.72. It was a mixed week with the fishing good at times and hard on some days with the cold brighter conditions pushing the fish down deeper. There are still plenty of quality fish being caught with lots in the 3 – 6lb range and also the odd bigger ones. The best fish of the week estimated at 10lb was caught and returned by Russell Gardener, of Austrey, who was fishing from the bank of Cocks Close. He caught it on a Diawl Bach. Mick Hanson, of Nuneaton, caught an 8lb rainbow whilst fishing from a boat on Cocks Close and this came to a Cat’s Whisker. Harold Pritchett, of Atherstone, fished the Park Meadow pool and caught one at 7lb 6oz and two at 5lb in an eight-fish catch, all taken on Harold’s own tied ‘Killer’ pattern. Kevin Brookes, of Tamworth, had a 7lb 3oz rainbow on a Montana Nymph fished on a floating line and long leader while fishing from a boat on Cocks Close. The best areas have been the road bank and old boat jetty corner on Cocks Close and on Park Meadow, the deeper water around the middle of the dam wall has been best. Top flies are Cat’s Whisker, Black Tadpole, Damsel Nymph, GRHE, Black Buzzer and Bloodworm.

Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex
Anglers fishing the beginners end of lake one are catching their limits on black and green goldheads, Montanas, Damsels, Cat’s Whiskers, Bloodworms and Blobs. The catch and release end has been a few feeding browns and some nice rainbows in the 3-4lb range. Best flies here are Black tadpoles on an intermediate line. On lake two Snakes, Tadpoles, Zonkers and Humungus are best on intermediate lines fished fast and deeper down. But there has been some surface activity as well with a few fish taking dries at certain times on warmer days. Target the browns with CdCs on floating lines. On lake three fish to 7lb were recorded on Bloodworms.

Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire
For the week ending February 12 the 46 rods caught 165 trout for a rod average of 3.59. Still a decent rod average despite the drop from last week. Cooler weather and the onset of a north-easterly wind slowed things a little and certainly kept a few anglers away. Plenty of nice fish in the 3-4lb bracket were caught following a stocking of slightly bigger fish. The usual methods of Buzzers, Apps’-type Bloodworms, Tadpoles and Boobies produced the goods, fished on either floating or intermediate lines. Anthony Bevan, from Scothern near Lincoln, caught a nice four-fish bag including fish at 6lb and one just over 7lb. Long term prospects are encouraging and another four to six weeks should see the beginning of the proper feeding and bigger buzzer hatches. With fish quite happy to look up there's no need to go too deep, travel light and keep on the move until you find some fish and as always it pays to share your experience with others. Generally fish have been hugging the banks which is usual for early season. Find some space to yourself and cast along the edges for best results, don't be afraid to fish very close in!