England Troutmasters reports for week-ending July 22nd, 2016

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland

Although we are definitely coming into the more challenging months of sport, many fish are still being caught on the surface or subsurface using dries, Buzzers, Daddies, and Diawl Bachs. Anglers are just having to work harder for them. Jim Tuck from Ashington caught 12 fish using a Chatton Chaser; Ken Glenton from Ashington caught nine fish on dries; Davie Parker from Wallsend caught 10 fish using dries; Rob Frame from West Denton caught 14 fish on dries; Stu Younger from Blyth caught seven fish using Sedgehogs; Andrew Jeffcock from Hoselaw caught seven fish using a White Muddler; S. Baty from Morpeth caught seven fish using a Green Blob; Malcolm McKenzie from Cramington caught seven fish on a Dawson’s Olive. Still stocking twice weekly. A reminder that a rod licence is not required to fish at Chatton Trout Fishery. The next Chatton Ladies Angling Club meeting will be on Saturday August 20.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire

Another cracking week’s fishing and despite the warm, bright weather we are still seeing a rod average of 5.8. Best rainbow 4lb 12oz taken by Frank Dunning. The fish can be found within the surface layers, particularly on cloudy days, and seem to be more concentrated to the east side of the reservoir. The fish are feeding on daphnia, snails and pin fry so the weedy areas hold the chance of a very nice fish. The killer shrimp is not moving readily, although if you are working shrimp patterns near the dam and Willows there is a high chance of producing an overwintered fish. Popular areas for catching from the boats seem to be Sludge Point, Gaynes Cove, the dam, Willows, B Buoy to G Buoy (drifting) and the Seat. A few boat anglers are also catching well off West Bank. Drifting through the middle is producing fish, with plenty of action towards the Boils. Methods fishing well include back drifting with Snakes and tubes (in the surface layers), floating lines (washing-line style) with Buzzers or Diawl Bachs and dry flies throughout the day.

Some good fish in the 4lb range have been landed off the banks. The fish close in can be caught on various methods and the dam, the Seat, Harbour Arms, Willows and wading from Plummers are good areas. If you are struggling try a Midas fly, a Brown Snail or Bug pattern.

Lots of perch are being reported by fly anglers. Savages is currently full of coarse fish and fry, although very weedy at the moment and it’s likely that there will be a few pike taking advantage of this. Zander have still been coming out, with some upper singles and doubles being landed on occasion.

During the summer months, fish may struggle to go back straight away when released. Anglers should take care when releasing to ensure that fish are safely returned to the water alive.

Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire

Anglers have benefitted from improved weather conditions and the fish have been higher in the water and feeding again. At the start of the week the bank was fishing well in the early evening and Chris White enjoyed good sport off Sailing Club Bay and caught a 3lb-plus perch. Unfortunately Tuesday evening saw a downpour as our fishing club boat anglers set out. But that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of our anglers, particularly Charlie Watts who was triumphant weighing in eight fish for 17lb. Jim Flannigan from Grey Abbey, Northern Ireland, had 20 fish to the boat. Mel Blythe from Hayling Island bagged up with several fish just under the 3lb mark. Annie Cant of Cambridge also bagged up this week.

Many anglers have been trying to tempt the trout on dries but they have also been catching on FABs, Blobs and Boobies. Others have been using a washing-line method or fishing subsurface on Diawl Bachs, Crunchers and Hare’s Ear patterns.

There has been success spinning for trout too over the weekend. Graham Folkes and Andy Patey from Milton Keynes had success with silver and bronze Tobies with fish weighing up to 2lb 8oz.

Anglers who have caught fish over 3lb this week, both off the bank and on the boat, include regulars Bob Collins, Roy Barley, Pat Flynn and David Newens and day anglers Nick and Len Cooper from Dunstable. Best boat areas are Sailing Club Bay, Pitsford Creek, Flats, Holly Bush, Gravels, and dam.

Press Manor Fishing Lakes, Derbyshire

If the weather is hot and sunny the trout fishing is definitely better early and late. If you are fishing in the day take a boat out, or off the bank fish a little deeper with lures. Evening fishing after 5.30pm is more productive, as the fish move up in the water. Dries, especially Sedges, are worth a try, and fish are being caught using Damsel Nymphs.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire

With calmer weather this week anglers have been able to fish dries with some fantastic catches. Mr S. Hollton had 31 fish to the boat whilst Mr D. Naylor had 25 fish to the boat. Local angler Mick Griffin had 18 fish. R.D. Smith took 20 fish on Damsel and Sedge patterns. With the warmer weather fishing may be slower in the middle of the day but morning and evening is the best time. Best boat area is the main bowl. Best bank areas are platforms 4, 5, and 6 and the dam.

Rutland Water, Rutland

Both boat and bank anglers have enjoyed another excellent week. Boat angler Phil Thompson accounted for nine fish (eight rainbows around 3lb and a brown estimated at 6lb), all returned. Phil, from Bexley Heath, boat-fished across Manton Bay and found a small Black Booby on the point and a small Green Buzzer very effective. Phil returned to Rutland on Thursday and opted to fish the North Arm where he caught six quality rainbows, some on dries. Season ticket holder Keith Jones, from Peterborough, returned to the lodge on Friday night with three cracking rainbows for 11lb 8oz taken on a Big Red. All of Keith’s fish had been feeding hard on small snails and corixa. Fish are being caught in many areas of the reservoir, with boat anglers catching over deep water in the main basin, in complete contrast to the top of both arms where the shallows are providing exciting sport.

Bank anglers are finding lot of fish are feeding in just inches of water. Despite the masses of fry this season only one or two fish are concentrating on them. However, stomach contents are revealing shrimp, corixa and snails and plenty of them with dries and small nymphs accounting for some excellent sport from fighting fit rainbows.

Credit must go to all of the anglers fishing week nine of the Tuesday Night Boat League as they opted not to fish the aerators. A number of boats headed to the bottom of the South Arm and found fish in good numbers moving on top. A few were quickly caught, but the weather then changed with persistent showers for the rest of the night, sending fish down into deeper water. Dave Bradshaw was this week’s winner with three fish which included the best fish on the night, a cracking 4lb 11oz brown. Mick Bennett took second with three fish for 8lb 6oz. Dave Knapp was third with two fish for 5lb 7oz.

Nine teams fished in the AWAI North of England Final and enjoyed a good day with a rod average of 5.67. Phil Longstaff took the best fish at 3lb 8oz and Ben Dobson was top rod with a bag of 30lb. The top three teams qualifying for the International Final at Rutland Water on October 4-5 are Ospreys, RAF Fish Hawks and The Old Youth. Stocks Falcons who took fourth place and Northern Drifters in fifth will go forward to fish in the Grafham Water Championship at Grafham on October 1. Results: 1st Ospreys, 45 fish for 92lb 10oz; 2nd RAF Fish Hawks, 44 fish for 91lb 11oz; 3rd The Old Youth, 42 fish for 90lb 2oz; 4th Stocks Falcons, 37 fish for 82lb 11oz; 5th Northern Drifters, 29 fish for 64lb 13oz; 6th Tannahill Raiders, 30 fish for 62lb 3oz; 7th Weardale Flyfishers, 30 fish for 61lb 6oz; 8th Kielder Dabblers, 28 fish for 60lb 1oz; 9th Stocks Merlins, 21 fish for 44lb 5oz

Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex

At the weekend and the start of the week lake one was all Buzzers and Blobs fished static and deep. If using a bung it was 9-11 feet down. New angler to Thornwood, Eddie had six on Monday to Red Buzzers plus a bonus brown trout. Evening time saw some dry fly activity with Sedge and blue dry Damsel on top also scoring a few. Late on in the evening black lures and Damsels also took a few. The full moon day was tough with no fish feeding at all but fish then resumed feeding with beginner Sadiq landing four in the evening with a bit of help from Peter and John! Again early morning and late afternoons are the times to fish on those hot sunny days, but sinkers and intermediate fished slow will pick up a few fish on lake two as fish are full of snails. If you arrive early there are still marginal fish to stalk.

Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire

For the week-ending July 15 the 74 rods caught 199 trout for a rod average of 2.69. A surprisingly challenging week, especially since much of it has been filled with good fishing conditions. Nothing has really changed much in terms of tactics with small dries leading the way, particularly Orange or Fiery Brown Shipman’s. To get a few more takes it’s worth paying particular attention to the rise forms the fish make, try to determine which way the fish is moving and pitch your flies in front of them accordingly. As always it's those paying more attention to detail that are having the best results so our advice is to watch and study to help you progress and catch these fish. As an alternative method, a Snake or similar large lure on an intermediate (or faster sinker from the boat) can bring results when nothing else is working, particularly during the middle of the day. Biggest rainbow this week at 11lb 6oz goes to Alan Macpherson from Brandon, Suffolk, caught on a Cat’s Whisker. As we move through the next couple of months we should start to see a few fry feeders. The fry are growing quickly and must be a good inch long by now.

Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham

The usual mixed bag of weather here but the warm and humid conditions have given rise to an abundance of hatches across all lakes making for some great top of the water action. The 51 visiting enjoyed the conditions and with the fish rising everywhere they returned a rod average of over three. No one made the 15 fish bag limit this week, the best of the week being N. Puncheon with a bag of 11 fish on one visit and eight on his second of the week. The only other angler in double figures was M. Fearon with a catch of 10 fish. M. Burchill had nine fish, A. McPhaill caught seven fish and R. Taylor had six fish with the rest of the sheets on bags of four and five. The best fish of the week was an impressive 6lb 8oz rainbow caught by T. Mason. With the recent hatches top of the water flies have dominated with Red Buzzers being the most successful by far. CdCs and Hoppers made up the rest of the week’s catches.