England Troutmasters reports for week-ending July 29th, 2016


Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland

Being in the more challenging months of fishing Chatton regular Geert Van Zon from Morpeth was delighted with an 11lb rainbow he caught from Ross Lake using a Yellow Dancer. Fish have been lying deep this week with lures being more productive. Buzzers, dries and nymphs have also been working well at certain times of the day. Lacey Taylor, aged seven, from Rothbury, was delighted with a 2lb rainbow she caught from Chatton Lake. Reminder of the Junior Fly Fishing Taster Days at Chatton - £20 includes tuition, fishing ticket, equipment and keeping a fish - morning or afternoon sessions available. The next session available is on Thursday August 4, please visit the website for all the dates available over the school summer holidays - www.chattontroutfishery.com Fishery closing at 10pm on a Friday and Saturday evening - 9pm all other evenings.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire

This week’s warm weather has seen the fish move away from the shallow margins and out into the deeper, cooler water. The rod average is 4.45 and improving near the end of the week. Fish are still feeding on buzzers, snail and fry, although plenty of shrimp have begun to appear in stomach contents. Fishing a Hare’s Ear is producing fish feeding on the shrimp. Try using them on a medium figure-of-eight retrieve.  Popular boat areas this week have been Sludge Point, Gaynes Cove, the dam, Willows the Middle (drifting), the Seat and west bank within the weed beds. A few boat anglers have been bagging up at the Boils. Successful methods include tubes on intermediate lines, Di-7s and Di8-s with Buzzers and floating lines (washing-line style), or with Buzzers or Diawl Bachs (fishing long leaders). When on the floating line it’s worth fishing relatively static, though tweaking the line every so often encourages takes.

Although the bank fishing is steady during the day you can expect some action first thing and later in the day. Plenty of fish have been seen feeding around the harbour arms after 8pm, with some larger fish being reported. The dam has again been the most popular spot and is certainly a good area to fish a Hare’s Ear for shrimp-feeding fish. Other areas worth a try include wading from the Seat and Plummers car park.

The predator fishing is picking up. Some zander have started to come out more regularly. Ranger Mark Haycock fished at the Seat to tempt a lovely double-figure fish on an Orange Blob.

The AWAI Southern final on July 18 was won by BRFFA Drifters with 43 fish for 98lb 15oz; 2nd Weald of Kent, 33 fish for 76lb 10oz; 3rd Blagdon FlyFishers Bristol Water, 33 fish for 76lb; 4th The Whakapapas, 27 fish for 60lb 1oz; 5th BRFFA Emergers 28 fish for 59lb 11oz; 6th Bewl Chompers 14 fish for 30lb. Mark Stevens, fishing for Blagdon Fly Fishers Bristol Water, landed the best fish at 4lb 5oz. Lloyd Pallett of BRFFA Drifter had the best bag at 29lb 5oz. The top three teams have qualified for the International Final at Rutland Water. Fourth and fifth placed teams qualify to fish at the Grafham Water Championship on October 1.

Grafham Water Fly Fishers (GWFFA) is hosting a free skills refresher afternoon on Saturday August 27 at the Grafham Water Fishing Lodge from 1.30pm. In addition to GWFFA members the club would welcome interest from previous Anglian Water Beginners course attendees who would like to refresh their skills, and members of the public who are interested in taking up the sport.

It’s a great opportunity for those new to the sport to learn the basics of how to cast. Improvers can enjoy coaching on casting style and technique. Mark Brinkman of GWFFA says: “We will also have a selection of rod sizes, weights and line styles for you to try your hand with. Different casting styles are often needed to get the best out of the rods and lines. If you have your own tackle please bring it as we can complete a line/balance check for you. It is also good to try out new techniques on the equipment you normally use”.

In addition to the above there may be an opportunity to go out with an experienced GWFFA member for an afternoon’s boat fishing skills coaching. This though will be on a limited basis and dependant upon demand. There will be a small charge of £5 towards the cost. As GWFFA wishes to give personal tuition in small groups the numbers are limited. Please book your place by emailing chairman@gwffa-grafham.co.uk with your name, contact details and if possible give an idea of the skills coaching you would like. Confirmation of your reserved place will be emailed to you.

Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire

Last week’s high temperatures saw fish head into the deeper, cooler water, although this hasn’t stopped them feeding. With the right tactics they can still be tempted, and there have been some lovely fish taken this week. David Strudwick caught and released a stunning brown estimated between 5-6lb, using a Brown Minkie. Barry Jones caught and returned a nice rainbow between 4-5lb.

Former England Youth International Fen Oakley had a day afloat and caught and returned more than 20 fish, while season ticket holder Phil Jordan caught and released 22 fish in two visits.

On Saturday July 23 the AMFFC Group 3 match was fished in temperatures close to 30°C. This, coupled with International competition rules, saw many of the 33 anglers struggle. Bill McIlroy, fishing for Hanningfield FA, was the only competitor to catch his limit, catching his eight fish for 18lb 11oz by 2.40pm. Bill’s tactics were to fish static Buzzers 20 feet deep along the dam frontage. Bill’s catch also helped Hanningfield secure team victory. Dave Franklin, also of Hanningfield, took the biggest fish, a cracking brown of 4lb 6oz.

The Pitsford Kayak Grand Slam takes place on August 6-7 and is set to be England’s biggest freshwater kayak fishing event of the year, with the added twist that it is lure fishing only. All you need to do is catch the biggest pike, perch and trout to get the ‘slam’ (fish are measured in length). Top prize is an Old Town Predator 13 kayak. Bring your own kayak and kit. Advance registration is essential. For more details and official registration email dane@bramptonvalleytraining.co.uk

Press Manor Fishing Lakes, Derbyshire

Trout fishing is tough during the day due to the warm weather. By far the best fishing is from boats, with some anglers getting bag limits using a medium sink line with Cormorants or Orange Blobs. Alternatively use an indicator with nymphs, especially Diawl Bachs. From the bank fish are caught early and late using dries and lures early and late. Best areas are the Dam and far bank.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire

It’s been a mixed week with the hot weather putting the fish down in deeper water. But in cloud cover and breezy conditions the fish have been up in the water and taking dries. Boat anglers anchored along the weed beds or drifting across the main bowl, using floating line with dries are taking plenty of fish. Crunchers and Diawl Bachs have also been working when the fish haven’t been taking dries. The dam and platforms 4 and 5 are producing the odd fish with floating line with dries or small nymphs and damsel being the best methods. Best rainbow of the week at 4lb was taken by James Brown of Long Buckby.

Rutland Water, Rutland

One angler who overcame last week’s hot weather was Ziggy Lesiakowski who fished the main basin on Friday to take seven good fish using micro Blobs and a sinking line. On Tuesday he recorded the best rainbow of the week, a lovely 3lb 14oz specimen that won him best fish prize in the Tuesday Night Boat League. The best brown at 5lb 11oz was taken by Alan Ayre of Spalding. The heat kept many anglers away although the returns for the week reflect a good rod average of 3.29. Boat anglers fared best in the deeper water of the main basin with the aerators receiving a lot of attention. However, drifting boats off Sykes Lane, Blue Pipes (Normanton) and the tower did best on some days. Boat anglers travelling to the bottom ends of the reservoir had limited success with early movement of fish recorded before going quiet.

Bank anglers were scarce with one or two out during the day and evening. With the hot weather water levels have dropped very quickly exposing the many weed beds around the shoreline. There are plenty of fish in the reservoir in many areas. The water would benefit from some cooler weather conditions, along with a good breeze to clear some of the surface weed in a few areas.

Week 10 of the Tuesday Night Boat League was won by Richard Cooper with six fish caught off Barnhill Creek. Richard, who fished with his dad Gary, said that there were ‘stacks’ of fish moving around Barnhill Creek. Second on the night was Ziggy Lesiakowski who had two fish, including the best fish of the night a 3lb 14oz rainbow. In third place on Tuesday was Mick Bennett. Richard currently leads the league with 67 points, followed by Keith Jones on 31 and Adi Naylor on 26.

Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex

Lake one saw sporadic feeding with lunchtimes and evenings the best times. Weirdly enough some great sport for one angler on the hottest, brightest day of the week at lunchtime. Another angler also did well at lunchtime after a tough morning start, but both left with four fish in short sessions. Best flies are Goldhead Montana and goldhead Black GRHE. Evenings have also been OK with rises to surface flies such as Sedges and Daddies. On lake two one angler caught 12 fish in a morning ‘till 2pm session, eight were on dries and four on Buzzers with fish up to 6lb. Big trout lying in the margins but proving difficult to tempt. Buzzers, Blobs, and Damsels working on here.

Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire

For the week-ending July 22, the 50 rods caught 81 fish for an average of 1.62. A very hot week with spells of soaring water temperatures and much reduced fish activity. The only method that has had any consistency is fishing from a boat with deep Buzzers on a 20-foot leader. Three heavy patterns will do the trick with the fish feeding around mid water, 10 to 12 feet down. Three anglers this week perfected this with Bill Ryan and Ted Cornish landing 34 fish to their boat and Martin Rowson netting eight in a short session. Rain and cooler temperatures will help things along a bit.