England Troutmasters reports for week-ending July 8th, 2016

Avington Trout Fishery, Hampshire
With big changes in the weather the fishing was noticeably more difficult through June, with the trout seeming very lethargic and reluctant to take flies. But there were still plenty of big fish caught, mostly coming out in the morning sessions when the temperature was a lot cooler. Any fish coming out in the afternoon have been the results of scaling down the flies to small Buzzers, Diawl Bachs and Hare’s Ears. The biggest fish of the month was an immaculate 16lb 8oz rainbow, a first Avington double for regular visitor Norrie Johnston. He had been trying to stalk this fish on lake one for the whole morning and just when he was giving up hope the fish came out of nowhere and took his Bloodworm pattern. Malcolm Hunt caught a lovely 12lb 9oz rainbow from lake one. Ian Davidson used a small weighted Damsel to tempt a 12lb 8oz rainbow from lake two. Billy Brown from Northampton had an impressive session catching six fish from lake one, which included a couple of 7lb and 8lb rainbows. He then topped the session off with a nice 12lb 8oz rainbow on a Blue-flash Damsel. Graham Tuck managed a fin-perfect 11lb 8oz rainbow caught from lake one on an Orange Fritz. Grant Ashby travelled down from Coventry for a couple of day’s fishing and stalked a lovely 11lb 4oz rainbow on lake one using a yellow/orange Sunseeker fly. Richard Francis was again amongst the doubles this month with a lovely 10lb rainbow from lake one in difficult wet and windy conditions. Mr Sluman, from Liskeard, Cornwall, tempted a rainbow of 10lb 4oz from lake three using a Cat’s Whisker.
Fly choice is a little different this month with lures working well in the first couple of hours in the morning. Damsel patterns have been the most productive, followed by Cat’s Whiskers and Nomads. In the late morning/early afternoon, when the fish are not willing to chase big flashy lures, productive tactics have been to drop down the fly size. GRHE, Stalking Bugs and Beaded Buzzers are good choices and best results have come from dropping the fly inches from the fish’s mouth.

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
Fantastic sport on all three lakes again this week with three double-figured fish caught. Peter Railton from Durham kept a 14lb rainbow, George Burton from Ashington kept a 10lb rainbow from Dunnydeer Lake, taken on a Diawl Bach, and Ken Glenton returned an 18lb rainbow to Dunnydeer Lake. Ken returned eight fish in total using dries and Buzzers. Steve Bilborough from Cramlington caught 11 fish using Hoppers, Sedges and Buzzers, Glen Appleby from Peterlee landed 18 fish, Craig Crompton from Peterlee caught 16 fish, Neil Turnbull from Ashington caught 14 fish using Buzzers and dries. James Stephenson from Great Ayton returned 15 fish on Zonkers. Trevor Wadds from Craster landed 14 fish using Buzzers and dries. Rob Frame from West Denton enjoyed an evening session returning 14 fish on Shipman’s Buzzers. Ian Callow from Dunbar kept five fish and returned six using Diawl Bachs and dries. Matty Divine from Hadston caught 18 fish on Diawl Bachs and Buzzers. Peter Marshall from Blyth kept three fish and returned seven using Diawl Bachs and Brown Buzzers. John Dobson and Sonia Matthews from Prudhoe returned 19 fish in total using Tinnies and Buzzers. Fergus Aitchison from the Eyewater Angling Club caught five fish weighing 18lb 4oz.

Elinor Trout Fishery, Northamptonshire
Plenty of fish rising during most mornings taking damsel nymphs and adult damsels. The far end of the lake from the lodge is holding most fish. Dry fly was easily the best method although boat anglers also had success with a washing-line using a Damsel Booby and Buzzers/Diawl Bach. During the quieter afternoons, fish were taken from down the middle using straight-lined Buzzers or a Di-3 and Blobs. The cooler summer has kept the fish in excellent condition with numerous anglers getting broken last week.
For the week June 27 to July 3 the 118 anglers caught 379 fish of which 281 were returned. Best fish were 6lb 1oz for Steve Freeman, from St Neots, on a Mayfly Nymph; 4lb 12oz to Brian Carter, Peterborough, olive nymph; 4lb 8oz Danny Tolton, Kettering; 4lb 8oz Brian Carter, Peterborough, olive nymph; 4lb 6oz Mal Broughton, Grantham, from a boat. Best banks areas are coarse bank, east arm, gravel bar; best boat areas are west arm, east arm, pylon point. Top patterns are Olive CdC, Olive Hopper, dry Damsel, Brown Shipman’s, Damsel Nymph, Olive Cruncher and Black Buzzer.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
The 50th anniversary match on Sunday 3 was a fantastic day’s fishing with a rod average of 7.6. In first place winning £500 were Mr Pearson and Mr Hubbard with 16 fish for 58lb 11oz. Second place went to Mr Rowson and Mr Deakin with 16 fish for 55lb 4oz winning £200. Mr Edmonds and Mr Cooper took third place with 16 fish for 51lb 5oz. All weights include a time bonus. Biggest fish went to David Moore. There will be another new pairs match on September 24.
Some settled weather saw a great week’s fishing, with large fish being caught and plenty of others making an appearance. The weekly average is 4.32, with good fishing from the bank and boat, especially towards the end of this week. The fish are feeding on the pin fry, particularly in the morning and evening, shrimp (around the dam) and snails off the weedy areas. Boat fishing is particularly rewarding at the moment, with areas around G Buoy, Deep Water Point, B Buoy, the dam and the Willows being the hotspots and fish showing off the Seat, Hill Farm and plenty in the middle of the reservoir. Fish are being taken on varying methods and depths though most commonly deep down on tubes, Snakes and lures. When the wind picks up back drifting can be a deadly method and sometimes can pick out the better fish.
Bank fishing has been improving, predominantly around dawn and dusk, and still in areas harbouring fry. The dam has been producing the best fish this week, with a fantastic specimen of 6lb 1oz taken on a fry pattern by Roland Dean. Tom Finney has been hooking plenty of fish and landing rainbows up to 5lb 2oz. An early or late start seems to be the secret.
Predator anglers have had a tough week, although perch are still coming to the trout fisherman. The aeration tower, dam, pipeline and boils are good areas to begin at, with red lures picking up the odd fish. Large pike have been reported patrolling around Savages this week.

Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire
Dick Osborn, Nick Nicholson and Mark Bradbury have each caught consistently during the week. The fishing club on Tuesday night saw several fish caught. Charlie Watts and Terry Mitchell fished together on the Small Arm, using Blobs, Crunchers and Diawl Bachs. Charlie had two fish and lost two. The majority of anglers headed down to the Sailing Club end and Barry Jones had the best bag. Peter Proctor and John Gamon faced challenging conditions on Thursday, but nonetheless, John had four 3lb rainbows and a 4lb 8oz brown (unfortunately this had been speared by a cormorant). Pip Jeffs caught four four fish on Crunchers and lost many more. Dave Newens also had a great morning off the Gravel Bank and landed a 4lb 12oz brown. New season ticket holder Edward Haum headed straight to the Sailing Club Bay on Saturday where he had a lovely 3lb 8oz rainbow on his first cast.
The back end of the week has produced the most fish and they have been found close in to the bank early in the morning and moving just out of touch for some bank anglers as the weather brightened up. The trout have begun to gorge on the shrimp and many fly patterns have proved successful including Hare’s Ears, PTNs, Invicta, small Diawl Bachs or brown nymphs and there have been plenty of fish showing, especially in Sailing Club Bay and off the Gravel Bank.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire
Ravensthorpe continues to fish well from both bank and boat. Fraser Duffy Jnr had some great sport fishing from a boat. Fraser opted for small dries on a floating line, drifting across the main bowl. He landed 15 hard-fighting rainbow trout. Liam Holdshaw also had a great day from a boat, fishing Damsels on the washing-line with a very slow to no retrieve. Several anglers have done well from the bank, particularly platforms 4, 5 and 6. Most popular methods are Damsels on a floating line or a big bushy dry. The dam is responding better to Buzzers and Diawl Bachs, again on floating lines.

Rutland Water, Rutland
Rutland is in excellent form with both boat and bank anglers enjoying great sport. Sleaford angler Tony Machin bank-fished the Normanton shoreline last Thursday, casting to rising fish just 10 yards out from the bank. Tony hooked into a superb overwintered 7lb rainbow using a size 14 Hare’s Ear. The bank fishing has been very productive along the Normanton Bank, especially in the blue pipes area which is holding a tremendous amount of fish. Elsewhere, East Creek to the Fishing Lodge, Sailing Club to New Zealand Point and Carrot Creek to Barn Hill Creek has produced fish.
Boat anglers have again caught well in the main basin in and around the aerators and along the Normanton and Whitwell/Sykes Lane shorelines. The bottoms of the Arms have been fished by a few. Paul Friend of Edith Weston fished the South Arm using CdC Emergers, taking five fish, the two best being 4lb 8oz and 3lb 8oz rainbows. Simon Ashton was delighted with the 5lb 7oz brown he took while boat fishing up the North Arm on Thursday using a Shrimp pattern. Match angler Dave Norbury caught a 4lb 10oz brown during the England Qualifer. Scottish angler John Slavin took a 4lb 10oz brown. John started his seven-day holiday fishing alongside guide Al Owen for three days and the pair recorded limits each time. On the Sunday the fishing was very brisk with 16 fish caught by 1pm.
Damp conditions kept some people away from this week’s Tuesday night boat league match. England Youth International Graham Hayward, of Empingham, won with eight fish for 10lb 2oz, just ahead of Ziggy Lesiakowski with eight fish for 10lb 1oz. Keith Jones was third with three fish for 7lb 4oz. Sharing Keith’s boat was Chris Evans who took the best fish on the night, a 2lb 15oz rainbow, to win the free mid week boat.
Prospects look very good with plenty of food available. Fish are coming from many areas of the reservoir. The water is at top level, the highest for years, with the bank fishing very well.

Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex
The catch and keep rainbow end of lake one produced to mainly Corixa and Cat’s Whisker, although spooned fish are full of daphnia. Brown trout at the catch and release end currently have a liking for dark patterns including Damsels, Zonkers and Snake and they are also lying deeper down. Lake two saw tougher daytime fishing through the week than at the weekend due to pressure and much brighter periods of sun. But fish have been caught on sunken Daddies and Damsels. Generally they are feeding deeper down during sunny periods when Blobs will also work. On lake three one of the monster trout was hooked and lost at the weekend to regular angler Darren, The fish snapped his 13lb leader with ease so stronger tippet needed for the next assault!

Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire
Another week of mixed weather led to variable sport with no real pattern to proceedings. The 68 rods caught 180 trout for a rod average of 2.65. Dry flies fished over the top of weedbeds seemed to take a few with dry Hare’s Ear, CdCs and Shipman's all worth a shot. For those fishing from the bank a floating line is recommended. Boat anglers have access to deeper water when sinkers can be worth a try to explore the different levels. On brighter days the usual lures are worth a go though it's the imitative methods that are tending to be the most consistent. Breezier days should see some success with different wet fly patterns such as Invicta or Wickhams. Best fish this week at 8lb-plus fell to season ticket holder Brian Thorpe from Barnby in the Willows, near Newark. Anglers fishing in the evenings have enjoyed the best of the sport this week. Evening tickets from 5.30pm are £10 for catch and release or £14 for a two-fish catch and release ticket.
A fault in the fishery telephone line means a better point of contact may be Jason's mobile 07806 400878 or Andy's mobile 07850 351695.

Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham
The wet and windy conditions aside, the 50 anglers still enjoyed some great sporting action this week. They caught 223 fish between them returning a healthy rod average of 4.5. T. Ross was the only angler to reach the 15 fish bag limit, and J. Whitenstall was the only other angler in double figures with a bag of 10 fish. B. Trewren caught eight fish, N. Midgley and F. Walton both had seven fish each while I. Purvis rounded off the sheets with a catch of six fish. The best fish of the week was a fine 6lb 8oz specimen caught by B. Trewren. On Wednesday the lakes played host to Great Ayton Conservative Club who fished the lakes in atrocious conditions. They ignored the torrential rains and strong winds, fishing until 3pm, all on a three-fish take ticket. The nine-strong team all managed their three fish without problem and everyone also returned between four to five fish. The best flies of the week have been Black Diawl Bach and Black Buzzers, with Damsels also catching a fair few fish.
Witton Castle Lakes will be opening on weekdays until 9m throughout July. This will run Monday to Friday only, from Monday July 4 until Friday July 29. Anglers wishing to fish evenings only can buy a four-hour evening ticket.