England Troutmasters reports for week-ending June 24th, 2016

Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk
Fishing has been slow over the last week or so thanks to the changeable weather and pressure systems. Although the water is fairly warm it remains clear and after some cooler rainfall intermittently over several days, the fish soon started to show again. Look to use dries and small nymphs just under the surface. There are more than 1200 fish out there waiting for your fly! On Sunday June 26 the fishery will be closed for fishing until 2pm for a corporate event. Open as usual thereafter.

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
Another great week of sport on all three lakes. Dries, buzzers, nymphs and various lures have been working well, dries being very productive in the evenings. First time visitor to Chatton John Winkle from North Yorkshire was delighted with a 13lb 12oz rainbow he caught from Chatton Lake on a Damsel using his 4wt rod. John Williams from Morpeth caught 10 fish using dries, best fish being a 5lb 8oz rainbow. Geoff Short from Wideopen caught eight fish using dries, returning a 10lb rainbow to Chatton Lake. Colin Grey from Gateshead caught 11 fish using Olives. Stuart Baillie from Twizell caught eight fish in a three-hour evening session, most of the fish in the 4lb to 5lb bracket. Derek Todd from Morpeth caught 12 fish using Diawl Bachs and Hare’s Ears. P. Weddall from Ashington caught 11 fish using Diawl Bachs.
The Barnados Fundraiser, organised by Jim and Tracey Tuck, was held on Saturday June 18, and the 41 anglers caught 125 fish, making the rod average three. A sum of  £1200 has been raised to date. The winner of the competition was Gordon Swain, second Rob Frame, third Gareth Tilley, fourth Trevor Wadds and fifth James Stephenson.
 The 'All Night Fishing Experience' is on Saturday June 25. Chatton Trout Fishery will be open all night! No need to book, come along anytime.
The 'Chatton Ladies Angling Club' are meeting on Sunday June 26 at 9.30am in the lodge. Fly-tying in the morning with Paul Little (AAPGAI) tying a selection of river flies for early season and how to dress them, then fishing followed by fishing in the afternoon after lunch. Everyone welcome.

Eyebrook Trout Fishery, Leicestershire
Peter Biernacki of Rugby fished the Hawthorns bank and caught 14 rainbows on his own buzzer imitation. Season ticket holder Steve Wilkinson of Great Oakley fished from the bank at Dogwood Bay and caught 10 rainbows to 3lb on a combination of Buzzers and Damsels fished on a floating line. With the variable weather conditions influencing the fishing this year’s batch of pin fry have also appeared. This plague of tiny pinhead coarse fish fry preoccupy the trout to such a degree that it makes them almost impossible to catch. A few fly patterns that might induce the trout to take are pear-thorax Pheasant Tail Nymph, gold-thorax Crunchers and Silver or Pearly Invicta. Half season permits are now available. For prices and more information call the fishing lodge on 01536 772930 or visit www.eyebrook.com
Flyfishing for pike started at Eyebrook on June 16 and many
pike anglers encountered good numbers of jacks on the first few days of the season. The best fish of the week was a 27lb 7oz pike caught by Jason Morris of Corby. James Daymond of Oakham accounted for a few jacks and his best pike taken on the fly weighed in at 18lb.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Perseverance and a good battle plan won the day this week despite heavy rain, lightening and even a tornado! The rod average for the week was 4.47 with fishing improving towards the end of the week. Fish are feeding on the pin fry with large specimens hooked and lost by both boat and bank anglers, Boat fishing is still the ideal way to enjoy a good day out with areas around G Buoy, Deep Water Point, the dam and the Willows being the hotspots. Fish are being taken on a variety of methods and depths, though most commonly within the surface layers on floating lines and Buzzers, Diawl Bachs and lures. Bank fishing has been relatively slow as fish move into deeper water, although fish are still coming from Deep Water Point and the dam (keep an eye out for the evening rise).
Large perch and zander are starting to make an appearance with popular areas being the aeration tower, boils and Deep Water Point. A 3lb 8oz perch as taken on a Humungus fly off the bank.
The Bob Church Classic on June 12 was won by Iain Barr, second Angus Armour, third Stewart Barclay, who also had the best fish at 3lb 11oz, fourth Graham Willis and fifth Dean Appleby. The best bag was tied with Angus Armour and Dave Kennel weighing in at 11lb 3oz.
The EFFA ProAm on June 16 was a close competition with only 6lb 10oz separating the two teams. The Professionals had 62lb 9oz to EFFA’s 55lb 15oz. Best bag for EFFA went to Mel Parrott with four fish for 7lb 8oz. Best bag from the Professionals went to Dave Summers with five fish for 10lb 4oz. Best fish Ben Dobson 4lb 3oz rainbow, Ray Jenkins 3lb 4oz rainbow.

Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire
Last week 31 rods caught 60 fish for an average of nearly two fish per rod. The hot spell followed by the thundery weather saw oxygen levels fall on Cocks Close and the pool has been closed for a few days. Fishing has continued on the Park Meadow pool with fish being caught but they are not easy. Dave Froggatt of Birmingham caught four fish using a Damsel Nymph on a floating line with his best going 3lb 8oz. Richard Lindsey of Stafford had three fish to 3lb on a small Coral Blob fished on an intermediate line. Mr R. Gardener of Austrey used small Buzzers to tempt three fish. Anglers are advised to ring before coming, especially to book onto Park Meadow as there are limited boat and bank spaces available. Packington will be closing on Thursday June 30 for the summer and from Monday June 13 catch and release will be suspended. Tickets will be £20 for five fish and £15 for five fish (senior citizen).

Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire
The barometric pressures have made the fishing conditions super challenging this week and the unseasonable weather has deterred anglers. Earlier in the week trout were being caught on Di-5 on a variety of lures, including Minkies. Nick Nicholson had a great end to the week when fishing from the bank. He caught a 4lb12oz brownie on a green/black nymph. David Newens had six fish to the net including two over 3lb. Bank anglers have also found fish from Duffers to Bog Bay and Charlie Evans had five to the net early Saturday morning including a full-tailed 3lb 7oz rainbow.
As the week closed, boat anglers were catching on Damsels and lures. Fraser Duffy reported catching loads of pike despite targeting the trout, and included a pike estimated at 20lb-plus caught on a Snake pattern. Alex Ferguson brought his dad out for a Father’s Day treat. Using a floating line Alex had a 4lb-plus brown on a Hare’s Ear off Brixworth Bay. They also caught on size 14 Buzzers, and olive Hog patterns. Bank anglers struggled with few fish moving and just out of touch, but the latter part of the week saw the fish moving into the margins early morning where anglers have been reporting reasonable catches.

Press Manor Fishing Lakes, Derbyshire
Kids Fishing Day takes place at Press Manor this Saturday (June 25), gates open 9.30am and the event closes at 4pm. There will be no day ticket fishing on all lakes until 5pm on Saturday. On the trout lake kids can have a go at fly casting, and Tony from Walkers of Trowel will be tying flies. On the coarse and specimen carp lakes anglers are giving up their time to show kids how it is done. The best parking for those that know, is on the coarse lake, where all the gates are open. Refreshments are available and there will be fishing and cooking demonstrations as well as attendance by the Wildlife Crimes Officers, Ladybower Reservoir, SKB reels, and the EA. The day will get into full swing by 10.30am. The trout lake is currently fishing better late on with dries.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire
Anglers have enjoyed another good week with fish being taken on small dries, Hoppers, Klinkhamers, small foam Daddies, and CdCs. Damsels, Diawl Bachs and Buzzers fished up in the water, Blobs and lures are also producing fish. Season ticket holder Jim Watts had 14 fish to the boat this week fishing a small Damsel pattern. Rob Edmunds had more than 30 fish on dries, drifting across the main bowl on Saturday. Bank anglers have also been catching fish with Buzzers, Diawl Bachs and Damsel Nymphs or dries worth trying. Alan Duffin had five fish in a morning, all on a small Buzzer from the dam. Best rainbow of the week weighed 4lb 4oz. Best boat areas are Coton End and main bowl; best bank areas the dam, platforms 3, 4, 5 and 6. Ravensthorpe’s Thursday Evening Boat Club runs weekly until August. This friendly boat club is open to all anglers, 6pm start.

Rutland Water, Rutland
Fish are feeding really well this season with plentiful supplies of daphnia plus pin fry and sedge, with damsel nymphs also starting to make an appearance. The best fish recorded during the week fell to David Mann who is in his second season flyfishing. David was delighted to take a personal best 5lb 9oz brown. He fished the North Arm last Sunday using a Di-8 line and a Christmas Tree pattern. In addition to a good number of browns there have been plenty of rainbows in the 2lb 8oz to 3lb bracket. Many methods have been working from floating lines, nymph, Buzzer and dries through to fast sink lines and lures, Blobs, and large Snake patterns. Good numbers of fish have been on or just under the surface in the very low light conditions coupled with light variable winds. A lot of boat anglers have persisted with the aerators although anglers fishing close in to the shoreline along areas such as Normanton, New Zealand Point and Dickensons Bay have accounted for a good share of the fish. Bank anglers have had good success along the blue pipes at Normanton and down towards Fantasy Island and Sykes Lane and Stockie Bay when the wind changed direction.
The Tuesday Night Boat League saw 12 anglers catch 34 fish. Keith Jones, a season ticket holder from Peterborough, won on the night with eight fish from the bottom of the south arm and his best rainbow, weighed 3lb 6oz. In second place was Ziggy Lesiakowski, whose catch included a 3lb 13oz rainbow, taking the free mid-week boat prize for the biggest fish on the night. Gary Cooper of Empingham was third.

Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex
Lake one saw good sport to Buzzers, nymphs, lures and dries all on different days and very weather related. Fish were sometimes high in day and other days were very deep. More dry fly action on lake two, and often for longer periods with one regular angler landing 16 fish on Saturday on a dry White Moth dry. At other times it was all buzzer action. Fish on lake three are deep down and nymphs are best here.

Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire
For the week-ending June 17, the 88 anglers caught 290 trout for a rod average of 3.3. Sport settled down to prove slightly more consistent again following the previous week’s unsettled spells, largely down to the variable weather and pressure. Slightly breezier days offer more ripple and a bit of help to fine-tune the presentation and disguise the line and leader - usually resulting in better results. Anglers fishing in flat calms are advised that good turnover is important, don't cast further than you need to and have it land all in a heap, keep sudden movements to a minimum and try to avoid splashy casts that could scare fish. Best tactics have been floating lines teamed with small dries such as Sedges and Shipman’s with Suspender Buzzers a decent alternative. Fish will often come and inspect the flies before taking them, a simple draw away can be enough to convince them that it's real. With cloudy weather sport should continue to pick up and big hatches of sedges have seen lots of fish rising in the evenings. Late night openings are Thursday to Sunday inclusive when Toft is open till dusk (gates are shut prompt at 7:30pm Monday to Wednesday).

West House Trout Lakes, Cleveland

Nice warm weather for fishing making for excellent conditions early morning and late evening but a bit more challenging during the middle of the day. A lot of fish are now being caught on dry flies. It’s best to chop and change to find the best pattern. Fishing in the middle of the day has been challenging with plenty of rising fish around but they have been difficult to catch. Lots of fresh fish have been stocked over the weekend. Regular angler Andy Iceton caught a lovely 15lb common carp on the fly and it was finally landed after a 20 minute battle. Six-year-old Oscar Westmarl caught her first fish, a nice rainbow of 2lb 8oz on a Cat’s Whisker. Peter Winstone of Bishop Auckland landed 12 fish, including a 6lb rainbow, on a selection of dries. Ritchie Watson caught a 4lb perch and a 2lb roach, both spectacular fish caught on flies. Best flies
are Black Buzzers, Black Hopper, Bloodworms, Damsels, Shipman’s and CdC patterns

The lakes are now open from 8am until 9pm every day.

Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham
An improvement in weather brought an improvement in top of the water action over the last week. Anglers enjoyed some great sporting action and duly returned an excellent rod average of 5.6 fish, a vast improvement on previous weeks. Bag sizes were up too, with J. Campbell taking a 15-fish bag limit. J. Wittingstall caught 13 fish, P. Stonehouse and E. Carmichael both had a bag of 12 fish each while R. Macullagh and T. Ross caught 11 fish each. The best fish of the week was an impressive 7lb 2oz rainbow. With fish rising across all lakes Buzzers and dry flies on the top have been most successful this week.