England Troutmasters reports for week-ending March 25th, 2016

Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk
Congratulations to the beginners who attended the course on Saturday, despite the windy conditions a great improvement in knowledge and casting ability was made by all. We will be looking to do an intermediate course covering hauling in the near future. It’s been a right mixture this week with everything from Snakes to Klinkhamers off the top catching fish and most anglers are going away with a limit bag. David Cairns had a nice fish around the 6lb mark.

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
Another great week of sport with lots of hard-fighting blues, rainbows and brown trout being caught and many fish in the 4lb to 7lb bracket. Buzzers, Pheasant Tails, Bloodworms, Diawl Bachs and lures all working well. Davie Parker from Newcastle caught and returned a 10lb rainbow to Ross Lake. He caught 18 fish and had a fantastic day using Buzzers and a black lure. Len Broxson from Tanfield caught a 7lb rainbow from Dunnydeer Lake. He also had a great day keeping four fish for 17lb 5oz and returning a further four using a mini Cat’s Whisker. Doug Howie from Morpeth landed a 5lb rainbow and he also kept a 4lb rainbow using a goldhead olive and returned a further four fish in three hours of fishing. Margaret Ward from Alwninton, a member of the Chatton Ladies Angling Club who were fishing on Saturday, caught a lovely 6lb rainbow and returned a 4lb rainbow using a Flexi Damsel. Chatton Ladies Angling Club member Jan Robinson tempted a 2lb rainbow using a Yellow Dancer and Dawn Dixon caught two fish using a Peacock Buzzer. The next Chatton Ladies Angling Club get together is on Saturday April 16, meeting in the lodge at 9.30am.
Keith Watson from Stakeford kept five fish for 16lb 8oz and returned a further 13 using black and green lures and Pheasant Tails. Stan Leese from Blyth had his best day ever keeping two fish and returned seven using a Black Buzzer and lost as many! Peter Davison from New Hartley caught 15 fish on Buzzers while Ken Glenton from Ashington caught 14 fish also using Buzzers. Robert Hedley from Morpeth kept five fish and returned seven using a Bunny Leech. Abdul Muhit from Morpeth kept five fish and returned eight fish using black lures. Trevor Wadds from Craster caught 12 fish using Zonkers, Bloodworms and Diawl Bachs. Matty Divine from Hadston caught 18 fish using PTNs and Diawl Bachs. John Cannon from Warkworth kept five fish and returned four fish (one brown trout) using Zonkers, Montanas and a Kate Mclaren.
The Junior Easter Holidays Fly Fishing Taster Days are on Monday March 28, Tuesday March 29 and Thursday April 7 with new UKCC Level 2 qualified coaches licensed by the Angling Trust. Sessions are £20 per child, all the fishing tackle is provided and children can keep a fish. Please visit www.chattontroutfishery.com for further details.

Elinor Trout Fishery, Northamptonshire
Water is slowly clearing and finally there is enough visibility for the fish to see anglers flies! On Sunday, seven anglers fished and six of them caught, best bag of seven fish. On Tuesday, 12 anglers fished and 11 of them caught, once again a couple of anglers managed seven. Elinor is full of fish and should improve each day as water clarity improves. Best method has been black or black/green flies fished slow or static, three to five foot down. Smaller patterns such as Hare’s Ear, Damsel and Black Buzzer should score towards the end of this week. Most areas of the lake are producing fish although many anglers are fishing the lodge end.
Elinor will be hosting the final of the Iain Barr/Airflo Bank Masters Final on Sunday April 17 with a first prize of £2000 and many other prizes. The qualifying heat at Elinor will be on April 2. Full details and entry form at www.iainbarrflyfishing.co.uk The Tommy Wood Memorial Buzzer Match is on Sunday May 15. This is a roving bank competition open to everyone. Floating line and buzzer imitations only may be used. All proceeds raised go to Sue Ryder, Peterborough.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Anglers are enjoying an excellent start to the season with a rod average of 5.52. Bank anglers have had great sport with plenty of bag limits being taken from most points along the north shore. The most productive areas along the shore have been Deep Water and Pylon Points, Hill Farm, Willows, North Dam and G Buoy. The best method for bank anglers over the past week has been to fish Pitsford Pea, Damsel Nymphs, Diawl Bachs, Crunchers, Tequila Blobs and PTNs at a slow retrieve. Boat anglers have also enjoyed good sport with the most consistent catch rates coming from along the north shore – particularly the Stumps, Seat, Willows, Deep Water and Pylon Points, Hedge End and G Buoy. The most prolific method for boat anglers has been to fish sink tip or slow sink lines with Tequila Blobs, Montanas, Vivas, PTNs, Diawl Bachs, Crunchers, GRHE and Olive Buzzers with a slow retrieve.

Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire
Last week 86 rods caught 385 fish for an average of 4.48 per rod. Another good week on the trout fishery with plenty of anglers enjoying good sport with the fish now spread out around the pools and moving well on the more overcast days. The biggest fish of the week was a 10lb rainbow caught by Paul Akerman of Coventry who took it on a Bloodworm pattern fished on a floating line while fishing from a boat on Cocks Close. Allan Bowen of Birmingham fished from a boat on Cocks Close and Park Meadow and caught eight fish to 8lb on Diawl Bach and Bloodworm fished on a floating line. Colin Hitchins of Coventry fished the Park Meadow pool from a boat and caught 10 fish which were all taken on Damsel Nymphs fished on a floating line. Mr J. Quinn of Belfast fished from a boat on Cocks Close and took 10 fish with the biggest at 5lb 13oz. These all came to a Yellow Dancer. Steve Gowan of Knowle fished the bank of Cocks Close and caught five fish to 4lb on a Bloodworm. Small flies are working best now with Black Buzzer, Bloodworm, Diawl Bach, GRHE, Pheasant Tail Nymphs and small Goldhead Damsels on floating lines. During brighter spells an intermediate line fished quite deep is working better. Top areas have been the road bank, old boat jetty corner and the high bank of Cocks Close and on Park Meadow, along the far bank from the boat jetty.

Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire
The fishing has been harder this week due to the cold winds and fluctuating air pressure. George Hackett had one of his best days while out boat fishing on Wednesday, taking five rainbows, two of which were over 3lb and also returning his best ever which he estimated at 6lb. Bank sport has been hit and miss, although anglers have reported lots of daphnia and small black buzzers in the fish they have caught. The rod average for the week is 2.75 and 4.75 for the season so far. The best bank areas are Stilton, Pig Stream, Gorse and Cliffs while boats have found fish in Brixworth Bay, Hell Bay and along Northfields. On Sunday March 20 Mid Northants Fly Fishers had a bank match and on a tough day the 16 anglers caught 20 fish. Top rod was Grant Gibson with five fish for 12lb. Second place went to Barry Jones with three fish for 7lb 8oz. Pip Jeffs took third place with three fish for 5lb 13oz. The best fish of the match was a 4lb 2oz rainbow taken by Barry Jones with Grant Gibson taking a good fish at 3lb 13oz.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire
Anglers are enjoying an outstanding rod average this season which is currently at 8.1. Various methods have been catching fish including Di-3 lines with a green and orange Cat’s Whisker. Buzzers have been catching on sunny days. There have been reports of up to 30-plus fish coming to the boats on some days. Alan Duffin had 10 fish off the bank on Pitsford Peas and Black Buzzers. The water has cleared over the last few days making fishing a little easier. The area between the Island and the Catwalk has fished well all week for both bank and boat anglers.

Rutland Water, Rutland
The first full week of the season has produced fantastic sport for both bank and boat anglers with a rod average of 6.38. Anglers have reported fish containing large quantities of black buzzer and daphnia. This is really good news early in the season giving plenty of quality food items to feed on. The quantity will increase as the temperatures rise slowly. Many limits have been taken this week with anglers taking advantage of catch and release to enjoy plenty of sport with up to 15 fish recorded by some anglers in a session. Some overwintered fish have shown which is really encouraging so early in the season. Season ticket holder Bob Gooden had a 5lb rainbow from Sykes Lane which fell to a Black and Gold Humungus. A number of different areas are producing consistent sport daily for both bank and boat anglers. Old Hall flats, Hambleton Wood, Yellowstone to Hinmans, Church Bay, Normanton bank, Sykes Lane – Stocky Bay and round towards Whitwell Creek. Fish have been taken on Buzzers with a good early season cast consisting of a Black Tadpole on the point and Buzzers/dark nymphs up the cast.
Boat anglers are using various sinking lines along with Blobs, lures and Boobies. Alternatively, midge-tips with Buzzers on the bung have scored. Consistently cold north, north easterly winds seems to have made the fish drop in the water column slightly, making it important if fishing a floating line to ensure that the flies are fishing deep enough.
Boat anglers who ventured into open water have been rewarded with some superbly conditioned overwintered rainbows so it’s worth remembering that fish aren’t concentrated tight to the bank in all areas. An angler also reported taking fish from the North Arm, which he had all to himself, with floating fry and nymphs the successful tactics. He was rewarded with overwintered rainbows.
Although out of season, Rutland’s brown trout have been making an appearance with fish reported up to 6lb; these have been returned safely.

Tenterden Trout Waters, Kent
All three lakes have been stocked with large quality rainbows for some great Easter sport. Fishing has been good - please see our website www.tenterden-trout-waters.co.uk for the up-to-date news and click on ‘Latest News for March’. Spring is unfolding on the farm with all the daffodils and primroses in full bloom. We hope to see you over the Easter break and would like to wish all our anglers a very Happy Easter.

Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex
On lake one most anglers are catching limits in short sessions at the catch and kill only end on a variety of styles. Intermediate with lures are doing well as well as floating lines with Buzzers, Bloodworms etc. The other end of the lake for brown trout has been mainly green nymphs or black flies. Plenty of browns seen chasing, and a few rainbows up to 4lb recorded on the catch and release end. Lake two has been fishing to Buzzers for weeks now, first black and now brown, but CdC, emergers and Klinkhamers have provided some good sport on the right day when fish are rising. The stalking pond produced rainbows to 7lb on Red Buzzers and Peter Thurston had two lovely browns at dusk, one at 9lb and one of 3lb (pics on Facebook page Thornwood Trout Lakes and Flyfishing).

Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham
Anglers have enjoyed a good week with improved weather conditions more typical for the time of year. The 71 visiting anglers over the week were kept busy with fish rising across all lakes and duly returned a good rod average of 4.3. A number of anglers returned double-figure bags with a few up to the 15 fish limit. They were T. Ross, C. Malpass and P. Appleby all with the 15 fish limit. Other anglers with double-figure bags were T. McKimm with 13 fish, M. Hamilton caught 12 fish and D. Guthrey with 10 fish. The best fish of the week were an impressive 6lb 8oz rainbow caught by M. Cothey and an equally impressive 5lb 8oz specimen caught by G. Thompson. A variety of flies have been performing this week, amongst them are Snakes, Blobs, Bloodworm, Buzzers and Zonkers. The weather for the week ahead is for more of the same with a slight rise in temperatures and a sunny start to the week so we’re expecting another busy time running up to the Easter weekend.