Scotland Troutmasters reports for week-ending January 15th 2016

Forbes of Kingennie, Tayside
Yet another week of bad weather has seen few anglers out, and those that have braved the conditions have had to work for their fish. All the rain in the past week has meant the ponds are still very dirty, and a few days of settled weather with no rain will be needed before they clear up properly.
The Boathouse has been the most sheltered pond from the wind, making the fishing a little easier. As always in this water lures have been the best method, as well as the bung. Mr Watson had 10 fish in a morning fishing a Black Blob under the bung with his largest around 6lb. Mr Cargill had two fish for 11lb on a Black Zonker with the largest weighing 8lb.
The Burnside has seen the fish still sat high in the water with a floating line all that’s required. As before, lures have been the best option but Mr Barlow did well in the coloured water landing eight fish on small Black Crunchers. Mr Stevens had four fish for 7lb and put bank another five on a Rob Roy. Mr Wales returned five fish on a Bunny Leech with the largest estimated at around 11lb.
The Woodside has been quiet but the fish have been caught by those who have ventured out. Mr Moffat had two for 3lb, Mr West had two for 3lb and Mr Wells and his son had four for 8lb, all on Powerbait.
On Sunday March 27, Kingennie will be holding one of the heats for the Scottish Stillwater Fly Fishing team to go down to Wales for the international in October. There are still space available for the heat, anyone looking to fish it please call 01382 350777.

Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire
A few days without much rain and a couple of frosty nights led to some excellent fishing this week. The aerators were on for the first time this winter on Friday night and there was no problem with ice. Unfortunately the heavy rain on Thursday morning and overnight on Saturday led to slightly coloured water but the level is normal and things are clearing quickly. Most of the week the fish were being taken around three feet down and were well spread out, with fish being caught in most areas of the main pond including the island, channel, roadside, far bay and dam area. The small ponds also fished very well with many anglers opting to catch and release there. The usual wide selection of flies were working well with the favourite patterns being Damsel, Cut-throat Cat, Dancer, Viva, Montana, Diawl Bach, Cormorant and Buzzer. The Fishery is still open 8am to 4pm every day.
Jim Milne, from Alloa, caught five fish for 15lb 4oz including a 4lb 8oz rainbow, plus three caught and released; Iain Whitelaw, Dunipace, five for 13lb including three from the Meadow Pond, plus four caught and released; Danny Doherty, Denny, four for 13lb 10oz including a 4lb rainbow; C. Brown, four for 12lb including one from the Meadow Pond; Brian MacIntosh snr, Banknock, four for 11lb 8oz; Willie Martin, Stirling, four for 11lb; Brian MacIntosh jnr, Banknock, three for 10lb 12oz; Sandy McAllan, Arbroath, three for 10lb 4oz including a 4lb 8oz rainbow; Neil Spence, Arbroath, three for 9lb 12oz; John Mooney, Queenzieburn, three for 9lb 8oz; Donald McMurchy, Fallin, and John Singleton, Alloa, each took three for 9lb; John Thomson, Fallin, two for 8lb 4oz including a 5lb rainbow; Gregor McGregor, Alloa, two for 8lb, both 4lb rainbows; Conn Dillon, Glasgow, two for 7lb 12oz including a 5lb rainbow and a blue; Julian Rey, Helensburgh, and Frank Boggie, Helensburgh, each with two for 6lb 8oz; Andrew Smart, Dunfermline, and Kevin Lamb, Broxburn, each caught and released 13 fish; Peter McGillivray, Glasgow, caught and released eight; Neil McCreadie, Glasgow, caught and released seven; and Brian Lockie, Stirling, caught and released seven from his float tube, despite the cold!