Scotland Troutmasters reports for week-ending January 22nd, 2016

Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire
Winter arrived this week with snow falling from Wednesday evening onwards and temperatures barely above 0oC, even during the day in the latter part of the week. The aerators and an overnight breeze kept all the ponds virtually ice-free and some good fishing was enjoyed despite the cold. The fish were slightly deeper than they have been for the last few weeks, and were to be found behind the islands and in the channel in front of the island. The boats were also hitting fish with the two biggest fish of the week, a rainbow and a tiger at 5lb 12oz, both taken from boats. Favourite patterns included Dancer, Cat’s Whisker, Hothead Damsel, Diawl Bach, Cormorant and Buzzers – with a slower retrieve being needed as the fish were not following and chasing as much as previously. The Fishery is still open every day from 8am to 4pm
In two visits, John O’Hara, from Shotts, caught four fish for 14lb 12oz including a 5lb 4oz rainbow; Malcolm Miller, Clackmannan, three for 11lb 12oz including a 5lb 12oz tiger; Robert Park, Lennoxtown, three for 11lb 12oz including a 5lb 12oz rainbow and a blue; Iain Whitelaw, Dunipace, five for 14lb including plus two caught and released; Alec Knox, Glasgow, four for 11lb 8oz; Gareth Mair, Glasgow, three for 10lb including a 4lb rainbow; John Relf, Falkirk, three for 8lb 4oz plus one caught and released; John Sneddon, Falkirk, two for 7lb 4oz including a 4lb 8oz rainbow; Alex Britton, Bellshill, two for 6lb 12oz including a 4lb 4oz rainbow; Andrew Connelly, Stirling, caught and released eight from the small ponds; S. Campbell caught and released seven; Peter McGillivray caught and released five.