Scotland Troutmasters reports for week-ending July 1st, 2016

Forbes of Kingennie, Tayside
The water-levels in the ponds are now back to normal and the fishing has generally reflected this. However, there have still been some frustrating days when good numbers of fish have shown on the surface but have been difficult to catch. The Boathouse Pool fished well again on dries and Buzzers, with the occasional fish being taken on green/black or yellow/white lures. Mr Thomson took two fish for 4lb 12oz and returned 13 fish including a fine rainbow estimated at 8lb. Several anglers had 10 fish or more on catch/release including Mr Connell and Mr McNamara.
On the deep Burnside Pool George Birse landed/released 17 fish taken mainly on a floating fry imitation. Other notable catches included two fish for 5lb 4oz and seven released by Mr Kennedy, taken on dries and Buzzers (Dennis the Menace and black/silver). The Bankside Pool is settling down after recent weed removal operations. There has been a lot of surface activity but numbers of fish landed have not been as high as anticipated. Mr Stirling released 12 and George Birse released 10 taken on Floating Fry and various dries including Sugar-Cubed Shipman and Yellow Owl.
On the Woodside Pool (any legal method) Powerbait has again produced the most consistent results, although some decent fish have been taken on the fly. Messrs Campbell and Brown took seven fish for 11lb; the Chesters took five rainbows weighing a total of 7lb 12oz; the Greaves group landed nine fish for 15lb and the Blackwoods took seven fish for 11lb 12oz.

Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire
The big fish were on the move this week with a superb 11lb 6oz specimen rainbow landed on Sunday morning by Jim Fitzsimmons, from Larbert. The biggest blue of the year at 7lb 12oz was also landed this week, part of a three-fish bag totaling 11lb 12oz for Kevin Gold, from Stirling. For much of the week, conditions were good but the fish are still a bit fussy and although anglers were getting offers, actually connecting with fish was sometimes a bit of a problem. Those doing best were those willing to chop and change as the sun came and went and the breeze moved from one direction to another. The fish were in the top three feet of the water and were often seen feeding on small black flies on the surface. Dry flies were working from time to time with best patterns being Yellow Owl, Hopper, Klinkhamer, Spider and CdC. When the fish were not feeding on the top the most successful patterns were Soldier Palmer, Black Pennell, Bibio, Damsel, Hare’s Ear, Buzzer, and Yellow Dancer
Frank Barr, from Falkirk, caught five fish for 17lb including an 8lb 6oz rainbow; Danny Doherty, Denny, four for 13lb including a 6lb 6oz rainbow; Gregor McGregor, Falkirk, a 5lb 8oz tiger; Rab Bonar, Stirling, in two visits, four for 11lb including a 5lb tiger; Kevin Lamb, Broxburn, five for 10lb from the Millpond plus three caught and released; Henry Fulton, Greenock, three for 8lb; Barry Hamilton, Muirhead, two for 7lb including a brown; John Montague, Glasgow, a 2lb 4oz brown; Nan Morrison, Stirling, a 2lb 4oz brown; and J. Mackie, caught and released 11.