Scotland Troutmasters reports for week-ending July 22nd, 2016


Forbes of Kingennie, Tayside

A week of mixed weather which went from one end of the scale to the other, with catches following a similar pattern. Thankfully there were substantially more positive than negative results. The Boathouse Pool out-performed all the other ponds, with most of the better returns surprisingly being taken on a variety of lures. Mr Purvis took four fish for 12lb 8oz and returned five; Mr Kelly had three rainbows for 8lb and returned 14; Mr McDermid took two for 12lb and returned nine. The Falconers shared eight fish for 20lb; Mr Nicholas took two for 9lb with the better fish weighing 5lb 12oz, whilst Mr Connell returned 13 on a catch and release ticket. Successful lures included Yellow Dancer, various Damsel patterns and Bunny variations.

The Burnside Pool was a little more variable with some regular anglers struggling on certain days when the going got tough. However, decent catches were recorded including a catch and release bag of 14 fish returned by Mr Smith. The Ace of Spades proved very successful for Ed Valentine who returned 10 fish while Mr Watson returned 11 taken mainly on Buzzers. Weed removal is ongoing on the Bankside but this didn’t stop Ken Jones from returning 11 fish, taken mainly on Buzzers. Mr West took two fish for 5lb and returned another nice rainbow. There has been a substantial amount of surface activity on the pond but dry flies have not brought much success. Woodside, the any legal method pool, has again responded well to Powerbait fished beneath a float. A group of six anglers shared 13 fish for 22lb 8oz. Mr Harris landed six rainbows for 9lb 8oz while Mr Stuart took four fish for 7lb 8oz.

Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery, Grampian

After a few weeks closed due to silty water after the flash floods, the fishery got back to normal and anglers were once again able to enjoy the fishing. The week started off slow but by the middle of the week the lochs were fishing really well and plenty of fish were caught with some good quality blues among them. Fish were feeding well and Damsels were a good bet along with black and green patterns such as Vivas, Scruffs and fritz patterns. Nymphs and Buzzers also took their fair share of fish. William Scott had a great session with 24 fish to the bank returning a six-pounder; Mark Bell had 10 on both his sessions; Mark Feaurst had seven; Chris Johnston seven; Jimmy Rhind had 16 with a cracking blue of 4lb 13oz and also returned a fish of 7lb. Willie McRobbie had six fish with his best a 5lb blue. Neill Smith had 12; Aaron James had his best yet at 4lb 4oz; Tom Anderson had seven; Barry Ward had nine and returned a double-figure rainbow after being weighed; and Blair McDonald had 10 fish. Over the week 224 fish were caught making an average of 4.14.

Millbuies Trout Fishery, Grampian

The lochs are now in their prime condition of the season with a lot of surface feeding fish. Dries and Buzzers are taking well. Anglers are tempting a good mix of brownies, rainbows and blues from both lochs. Evenings see fish rising really well and sport has been really good. Two sessions available daily from 8.30am to 4pm and 4.30pm to 10pm. Just call the Glen of Rothes to book a boat.

Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire

There were quite a few big fish landed this week, as the challenge to land fish continues. Many anglers are reporting follows and knocks, and quite a few fish are being hooked and lost, but getting them to the net is still proving a bit tricky for some. For most of the week the fish were between two and four feet down although they were a bit nearer the surface in the evenings and on Sunday. The dam and the island were the best areas this week, along with the boats. On the small ponds the fish were just below the surface all week. Nymphs and wet flies were attracting most fish, with the odd one being taken on dries. Favourite patterns included Damsel, Buzzer, Black Spider, Bibio, Diawl Bach, Kate McLaren, Yellow Owl, Hoglouse and Daddy Longlegs. Mostly the fish were looking for something to chase so a reasonably fast retrieve was required to attract their attention.

Two of the biggest fish of the week were landed at the extremes of the fishery opening hours. Friday regular, Danny Doherty from Denny, had a very successful day with five fish for 18lb 6oz, including a 9lb 7oz rainbow landed before 9am. Another big rainbow of 8lb 4oz fell to Carlo Pezzani very late on Saturday evening. Also amongst the big fish were Steve Prevot, Coatbridge, with an 8lb rainbow in his bag of five for 16lb, and Alan Prentice, Clackmannan, with one at 6lb 8oz. Jim Denny took three for 11lb from the boat including a nice 4lb rainbow. A few browns were landed this week with Frank Barr, Falkirk, taking two in his bag of four for 10lb plus another five fish caught and released, and Jim Craig, Balloch, had one in his two for 5lb. Several anglers on catch and release enjoyed a lot of excellent sport. J. Queen and M. Ward both returned nine early in the week; and Kevin Gray, Camelon, returned seven including two browns at the weekend. Kyle Morrison, Coldstream, also returned seven.