Scotland Troutmasters reports for week-ending June 17th, 2016

Forbes of Kingennie, Tayside
Despite the recent rain, water levels in the ponds are still relatively low. However, water clarity is improving slowly throughout the system. On the Boathouse Pool the best returns have been to dries, Buzzers and white lures. Several decent blue trout have been taken in the 5-6lb range; these are in superb condition as are the brown trout, which have been appearing more frequently in catches this week. P. Haddow had a great introduction to flyfishing on Wednesday night landing six fish including a 5lb blue, a 1lb 8oz brownie and four rainbows all caught on a White and Green Dancer. Mr Watson had 14 on Buzzers and a FAB. The Burnside Pool is the most productive at present with many of the fish coming to dries, Buzzers or Blobs. Generally the better sessions have been early morning (8am to 10.30am) and late evening. Mr Braid returned 11 fish, taken mainly on a Sugar-Cubed Shipman, while Mr Todd returned 10 caught on black/silver Buzzers fished beneath a bung. Mr Mcgowan had 24 on Buzzers and a wee Orange Egg.
The fishing on the Bankside Pool has been more difficult this week with notably more weed showing. Some of this will be removed in the next few days, which should improve conditions and returns. Overall dries and nymphs have produced the best results, with Yellow Owl and PTNs being the outstanding options. Mr Thomas returned eight fish (mainly on PTNs) and Mr Darcy returned seven.
Powerbait has again proved its worth on the Woodside Pool. The Reids had 10 fish between them weighing 16lb 12oz. The McPhersons took eight fish for 16lb; Forfar’s Abe and Wattie took seven fish for 12lb 4oz, while Kirrie Dave had four rainbows for 6lb 4oz. A number of other good catches were recorded, mainly taken on Powerbait, although spinning still produced some of the larger fish. Over the weekend there was a total of 38 anglers caught 88 fish for a weight of 148lb.

Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire
A shorter list of catch returns this week as many anglers were returning fish and many more only managed to catch one or maybe two standard sized rainbows. The list is topped by the first double-figure fish to have been landed for some time, a cracking 10lb 9oz rainbow. There are several more doubles in the water with a good few more due to be stocked over the coming weeks. The fish were being very fussy this week, especially on the hot muggy days midweek, with many anglers reporting loads of follows but these were not translating into takes as the fish turned away at the last moment. At the weekend those doing best were using a fast retrieve as the fish were looking to chase and needed something fast moving to attract their attention. Most of the week they were in the top two or three feet and occasionally some were seen moving on the surface. The rain and cooler temperatures at the weekend improved conditions and with the hot weather on hold for the time being, things are looking better for the coming week. Favourite patterns this week included Dancer, Damsel, Cruncher, Daddy, Hare’s Ear, Daiwl Bach, Buzzer (retrieved) and Kate McLaren.
The big double-figure rainbow of 10lb 9oz was caught by Alan Brand, from Edinburgh. Frank Barr, Falkirk, caught four fish for 14lb 12oz including an 8lb 7oz rainbow; Jim Milne, Alloa, four for 11lb including a 4lb rainbow; N. Hadlow two fish for 6lb 8oz from the small ponds; Nan Morrison, Stirling, caught a 2lb 4oz brown.