Scotland Troutmasters reports for week-ending June 24th, 2016

Forbes of Kingennie, Tayside
The past week has seen some horrible wet and windy weather but the good push of water did the ponds the world of good. The ponds are back to full levels and although not dirty the water is clearing by the day. In the last few days weed has been removed from the Bankside Pool on the dam wall and south bank, giving a lot more access to the open water. There is still a lot to do and work will be ongoing through the summer. The fishing has produced some positive catches including 10 rainbows caught on a Bunny Leech by Mr Reid on a catch and release ticket. The Boathouse has still been fishing really well with a floating line all that is required at the moment. When the conditions have suited dries have been very productive during some excellent rises. As always Buzzers and a FAB are accounting for a lot of fish and so is the bung. Mr McDermot had three fish for 14lb with the best a 10lb rainbow. Mr Mckinney had four for 9lb 9oz and put back another 16 on black lures.
The Burnside now has about five feet visibility and a number of methods have been working, with most fish being taken in the surface layers. Sugar-cube Shipman’s and Yellow Owl have been two of the more successful dry patterns with Yellow Dancer being the best lure. Buzzers have also accounted for good numbers of fish, either on a bung or fished washing-line style. Mr McKinney returned 14 (on lures); Mr Northorp returned 12 (dries) whilst Ian Gordon and George Birse returned 12 and 11 respectively (mainly taken on yellow lures).
The Woodside Pool (any legal method) has had some stunning results, especially on Powerbait or small spinners. On Saturday 93 fish were taken for a combined weight of 142lb 12oz. The McIntyre group took 14 fish for a total of 21lb; the Lamont group caught 12 fish for 18lb 8oz; Mr J’Nabi took nine fish for 12lb 12oz and Mr Anderson had six for 10lb.
Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery, Grampian
What started as an unpleasant week with a deluge of rain ended on a high as the rain freshened up the water and it then settled nicely for the weekend and the Glenbuies Gala evening. Plenty of fish were caught on dries and Buzzers as fish became active in the fresher water. Reporting on the Gala evening, club secretary Neil Scowen thanked all the anglers who attended what looks to be the first of an annual event; Kevin Moss at Glen of Rothes trout fishery for the venue; Jimmy Rhind and wife Tara for helping with the BBQ; and last but by no means least wife Sam Scowen for all her help and support. After the banter slowed up to allow for some fishing there were loads of fish hooked, lost and netted. Andrew More had 19; Jimmy Rhind had 16; Brian Allan had that many he lost count, and Davie Simpson had seven. But taking the clean sweep with best bag of 6lb 5oz and heaviest fish at 3lb 15oz was Gary Gormley, Tom Webster was second with 5lb 14oz and Kirkby Mcphee third with 4lb 13oz.
Over the rest of the week catches included Rob Harding with 17 fish; Archie Miller had a 5lb 15oz fish; Peter Collins a 4lb 2oz fish in his catch of eight; Brian Oneill had 30 fish; Chria Johnston had 23, and Laurs Gallagher had her personal best of 7lbs 13oz.

Millbuies Trout Fishery, Grampian
Anyone who has walked around the lochs will see the fish rising freely to insects. Both the lochs are fishing well, the water is gin clear and weed is not a problem. Fish to 6lb were taken, and nymphs and dries such as Ginger Hoppers, Daddies and CdCs have all done well. Buzzers are also worth a try. This is the time of year when Millbuies gives great top of the water sport.

Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire
The rain this week freshened up the water and improved fishing conditions greatly, although there was still an easterly or north-easterly breeze all week. The fish were still a bit fussy at times and need the flies to be presented ‘just so’ but were generally in the top two or three feet of the water and looking to chase something just under the surface. From time to time they were to be seen feeding on the surface, but what they were taking remains a mystery! The bigger rainbows certainly seem to have been wakened up by the fresher water as a number of cracking specimen were landed this week and another few were returned or lost. The small ponds continue to fish well and proved their worth on Saturday when the top pond was fully booked and those having to fish the small ponds did very well indeed. A wide variety of patterns were taking fish this week included Spider, Butcher, CdC, Montana, Kate McLaren, Cruncher, Stalking Bug, Diawl Bach, Bibio and Damsel. Wet flies fished on an intermediate line with a reasonably fast retrieve was the most successful tactic.
Alan Kennedy jnr, from Kilbirnie, caught five fish for 16lb 13oz including an 8lb 7oz rainbow; Michael Jackson, Beith, five for 16lb 9lb including an 8lb 7oz rainbow; Gary Stewart, Glasgow, two for 10lb 8oz including an 8lb rainbow; George Dobbie, Glasgow, two for 9lb 4oz including a 7lb 4oz rainbow; Joe Potts, Inchinnan, five for 13lb including a 4lb 8oz tiger and two from the Meadow Pond; Mark Caisley, Kilbirnie, five for 12lb including a 4lb tiger; Jim Potts, Inchinnan, five for 11lb 8oz; Alan Caisley, Kilbirnie, five for 11lb 3oz; Jim Potts jnr, Inchinnan, five for 11lb including two from the Meadow Pond; Willie Martin, Stirling, five for 10lb 8oz; Willie Nyguist, Stirling, five for 10lb from the Millpond; Frank Barr, Falkirk, four for 9lb; Nan Morrison, Stirling, three for 7lb 4oz; Eddie McKillop, Glasgow, three for 7lb 8oz from the small ponds plus one caught and released; Eddie McKillop jnr, Glasgow, three for 6lb from the small ponds plus four caught and released; Stan Moore, Falkirk, two for 5lb.