Scotland Troutmasters reports for week-ending June 3, 2016

Forbes of Kingennie, Tayside
The weather is beginning to settle down but the wind has still proved difficult to master on some occasions, with easterlies producing somewhat negative results. However, there have been some excellent catches recorded throughout the week. The Boathouse Pool has generally had good water clarity and most anglers have caught fish. Gilbert Cheetham returned 21; Mr. Gordon 16 and Mr Smith 13. Most were taken on Buzzers or Diawl Bachs although some were fooled by well presented dry flies or nymphs.
There have been a lot of good returns on the Burnside Pool, mainly to catch and release anglers. Mr Tait returned 15 taken mainly on a Rob Roy; Andy Cowan 14 (dries/Buzzers); Richard Marshall and Joe Westland 13 each; Bruce Thomson 12 including a nice rainbow estimated at 10lb; Ian Gordon 12 (Cat’s Whisker) and Tom Costello 11 including a cracking rainbow estimated at 13lb. Some evenings have produced superb sport to dry flies but the rise is not guaranteed, depending mainly on the wind direction.
Action on the Bankside Pool has been on and off but those who have persevered have been well rewarded. John Barr returned 11 fish and Frank Sherrif 10 taken mainly on dries and Buzzers.
The Woodside Pool (any legal method) has again fished well to spinners and Powerbait. Mr Fyfe and Mr McLaughlan both had six fish for 9lb. A group from The Salvation Army enjoyed a day out and caught six nice rainbows for a total of 8lb 12oz.

Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery, Grampian
With more settled conditions fishing has been good. With fish rising all over the dries have done very well. It does go quiet around lunchtime when it is really hot but then picks up again as it starts to cool down a little. That’s the time to switch to a lure such as Yellow Dancer or Damsels. Daddies, CdCs, Yellow Owls and Buzzers have worked with olive nymphs also working for some. Plenty of decent returns over the week but some anglers did struggle. Slater Scott had 19 fish; Jimmy Rhind had 22 on dries with one of 4lb 2oz and a 5lb brownie which was returned; Anna Bamforth had a personal best fish of 6lb 3oz; Darek Kusaj had one of 4lb 10oz; Andrew More had 18 fish; Steve Mackay had a beauty at 10lb 7oz; Kevin Robertson landed one of 4lb 13oz; Peter Warald had 11 fish; Mark Feurst had eight fish with one of 6lb returned; Willie McRobbie had 10, best at 4lb 5oz; Gary Gormley had nine; Scott Burness had 10. Most anglers averaged around four fish per session. Blues featured really well this week and are fighting really well so check knots and change leaders.
Names are being taken for the Gala Evening on June 18, start at 6pm and finishing at 2am on Sunday 19 with BBQ and raffles on the night. All are welcome.
Millbuies Trout Fishery, Grampian
Excellent returns from the lochs this week with plenty of good fish being caught and some good averages for many of four-pounders. Browns were a little shy but still being caught around 2lb 8oz and all returned. Blues featured and anglers commented on their acrobatic skills. Both lochs still fishing well and weed is not a problem. Some great dry fly sport with plenty of rising fish to target. As usual the fish are hugging the tree lines and around the features such as the duck hide and islands.

Millhall Reservoir, Falkirk
The persistent cold easterly winds are delaying the evening rises by about one hour until just after sunset. Anglers who wait and fish the right flies like Black Buzzers with red cheeks, CdCs, PTNs, Bibios, Hare’s Lug and Diawl Bachs as small as size 14 benefit from good sport. During brighter day sessions lures such as Black and Green Fritz, Cat’s Whiskers, Black Rabbits and Boobies on midge-tip, intermediate or slow sink lines are also taking fish.
Keeping your tackle in good working order and not taking any shortcuts is always a benefit, however an angler at the reservoir this week hooked into a near double rainbow that raced off into deeper water and took his line down to the backing. Trying to gain control and slow the fish his floating line separated from the backing. With the help from Robin in the clubhouse and the use of the Wheelyboat they managed to recover the line and fly, but no fish. New loops were fitted and he went on to take four fish for 9lb 8oz. Willie Gair and Paul Howarth both caught a blue-tagged fish this week worth £100 each, unfortunately they were on catch and release and were safely returned to the water.
Some of the better bags went to boat partners A. and G. Evans with eight for 21lb 14oz; N. Coyle four for 12lb on a Budgie; A. Nimmo four for 11lb 4oz; B. Brogan four for 10lb 4oz; Scott Hamilton four for 10lb and C. Armstrong four for 10lb 4oz. 
The second heat of the Rod and Creel (Carronshore) sponsored Open competition is on Sunday June 12 during the evening session and there are still places available. The qualifiers go forward to the free final on Sunday October 2 during the day session. To enter, phone the clubhouse on 01324 714190.

Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire
Conditions were generally better in the mornings this week before the sun got too bright and the east wind got up. Fish were taking in the top couple of feet early in the day but went deeper as the day wore on. The effect of the wind seemed to be more noticeable in the evenings with a distinct drop in temperature as the sun dipped keeping fish off the surface. The fish were well spread out round the ponds and the bank still has the edge over the boats. Anglers are reporting large numbers of fish taking short or nipping tails of flies, but these offers were hard to convert into takes. Various tactics were working depending on conditions and type of fish; the browns and tigers always want a faster retrieve than the rainbows and blues and also want to follow the fly closer in towards the bank before taking. It was certainly a case of those adapting to the conditions and changing their flies and tactics as the day went on doing better than those sticking to one method. A large variety of lures, and nymphs, were working, along with a few wet and, on the small ponds, dry flies. The favourite patterns were Ace of Spades, Ally McCoist, Humungus, Dancer, Damsel, Diawl Bach, Bloodworm, Buzzer, Black Nymphs, PTN, Spider, Kate McLaren and Black Gnat.
Good catches this week were reported by Allan Marshall, from Glasgow, with two for 10lb including a 7lb rainbow plus four caught and released; Willie Martin, Stirling, five for 16lb 10oz, including a 6lb 10oz rainbow; Ian Whitfield, jnr, Denny, three for 10lb including a 6lb rainbow; Nan Morrison, Stirling, two for 7lb 4oz including a 5lb 4oz rainbow; Mike Bolton, Maddiston, a 5lb rainbow; George Bell, Dumfries, four for 11lb 4oz; Alex Knox, Glasgow, four for 9lb; Ricky Goodwin, Larbert, three for 10lb 8oz; Allan Whitton, Stirling, three for 8lb 12oz; Peter O’Brien, Camelon, three for 8lb; Martin Watt, Airdrie, Barry Hamilton, Muirhead, and Jim Denny, Dunipace, all had two fish for 6lb; Gary Stewart, Glasgow, two for 5lb 8oz; Kevin Gray, Camelon, caught and released 20 in the small ponds; Gary Waugh, Cumbernauld, caught and released nine from the boat; Stephen Murphy, Motherwell, caught and released six; Tim Gellaitry, Stirling, caught and released five including a cracking tiger of around 8lb.