Scotland Troutmasters reports for week-ending May 6th, 2016

Forbes of Kingennie, Tayside
This past week of fishing has been electric! After a couple of weeks of a slight algae bloom on the ponds it has all cleared and the difference to the fishing has been incredible. The clearing water and the warming temperatures has seen a boom in the insect life with some outstanding buzzer hatches leading to some really good dry fly fishing in the evening in particular. The Burnside has seen the biggest improvement with the fish becoming really active on the surface taking dries, Buzzers, Floating Fry and lures pulled fast just under the surface. Mr Westland had 24 fish on Buzzers and FABs on a floating line. Mr Birse had 26 on Floating Fry. Mr Hay had 14 on a small Greenwell’s dry. Mr Valentine had 23 on a mix of dries and lures. None of the really big fish have been caught but a lot of fish in the 4-7lb range have been taken. Mr Watson had about the biggest fish of the week with a rainbow estimated at about 11lb before being returned. In the past 10 days there has been a total of 682 fish caught and released by 95 anglers giving an excellent rod average.
The Boathouse has been as clear as it can be and spotting the fish has been very easy making the fishing so entertaining. Again small Black Buzzers have been the top fly followed by dries and Blobs and Cat Bugs fished under the bung. There are a lot of blues in the pond at the moment and they are proving to be very popular for their hard-fighting qualities and having such stunning colours. A couple of the big fish have put in an appearance with Mr Watson returning a fish estimated at around 14lb on a Black Buzzer. Mr Kirk had 21 on Diawl Bachs with one fish around 9lb. Mr Redford had three for 8lb 8oz and put back 10 on an Okey Dokey.
The Bankside has been the least fished pond but it too has been on great form. The same sort of methods and flies have been catching fish and as long as you get on the fish they have been very forthcoming. Mr Soave had seven fish for 16lb 10oz and put back seven on a black and green lure. Mr Heenan had 18 fish on an Orange Blob fished on a floater. Mr Hamilton had his best day’s fishing to date after landing 11 fish on a Cat’s Whisker.
The Woodside is still doing really well producing loads of fish with most of them falling to spinners. Powerbait is still working but they are really active and wanting a chase. On Saturday 29 anglers had 69 fish for 127lb. The biggest fish was caught by Mr Wallace with a 6lb rainbow caught on a copper toby.

Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery, Grampian
Start of the week was back to cold and wintery conditions but despite that fishing was good. Towards the weekend temperatures went up to around what they should be and provided better conditions. The star of the week was six-year-old Katie Scowen. Katie’s dad had just bought her a new rod set-up and was out for the first time. She soon got to grips with her casting and hooked into a 10lb 12oz fish. Her dad ran to help as it was pulling her towards the water and he then guided her in playing the fish as he helped her land it. Other notable catches this week were Rob Harding with 13; Jimmy Rhind with18, best at 4lb 6oz; Stu Hayden with 16; Mark Bell 14; Gordon Grant 10; Archie Miller had a 6lb brown on his first cast which was returned and also a blue of 5lb; Tom Anderson had 15; Barry Ward had 12. Best flies have been in orange and white, Buzzers, Cat’s Whiskers and Yellow Dancers. Some anglers even had fish on dries on the decent days. The results of the winter league were first Mark Bell, second Gordon Grant and third Neil Scowen.

Millbuies Trout Fishery, Grampian
Plenty of boats out this week and a lot of good fishing was had. Browns to 4lb were caught and returned and blues and rainbows gave a good account of themselves, fighting hard. Both lochs are fishing well on mainly floating lines but at times you do need to revert to an intermediate line. Buzzers, Damsels and Cat’s Whiskers all took fish from the edges, drawing feeding fish out into the open water.
Millhall Reservoir, Falkirk

The slightly warmer evenings are proving popular, with anglers taking advantage of the huge sedge hatches around the grassy margins especially during the first half of the week around Firwood Point and the South Shore using floating or midge-tip lines with Crunchers, Snatchers, Kate McLaren, Hare’s Lugs, and various Olive Nymph patterns taking most fish. The evening sessions during the second half of the week were difficult with fish rising all over the reservoir to small black gnats, however matching the hatch proved successful for the few anglers who did. At other times traditional wets such as Bibio, Black Pennell and Diawl Bachs also did well. Tactics in the deeper water from the boats or the dam wall are static or slowly drifting Buzzers or Diawl Bachs or midge-tips with Damsel variants, Growlers, Yellow Dancers and Cat’s Whiskers pulled very slowly. Club member, Peter Cowan, is running a fund raising day for the Diabetes Unit at Forth Valley Royal Hospital on May 22 at £25 per person, this includes £5 of raffle tickets, lunch and fishing, and there will also be a prize auction. Peter can be contacted on 07785 335755 or phone the clubhouse for details. 
The first heat of the Rod and Creel (Carronshore) sponsored Open competition is on Sunday May 8 during the evening session from 16.30 till dusk. The qualifiers go through to the Free Final on Sunday October 2 and the reservoir will be closed on May 15 for the members-only Flybox Trophy. Boats will still be available, to book phone the club on 01324 714190.

Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire
The cold wind, hail, sleet and snow kept all but the keenest anglers away this week, but those who did not venture out missed some excellent fishing. The fish were generally downwind and in the most sheltered areas of the ponds. Despite the cold conditions, they were mostly in the top two to three feet and at times were just under the surface. On Sunday, the slightly milder conditions made things a little harder for those still fishing the same methods as earlier in the week and the most successful anglers were those using very small wets or dries. Because the water is still pretty cold, the tigers and browns are not in the burn area but were being taken close into the edge around the big tree. Favourite patterns this week included Cat’s Whisker, Dancer, Cut-throat Cat, Hare’s Ear, Diawl Bach, Cormorant, Spider, Cruncher, Snatcher, Sedge and Hoglouse. From Monday May 2, the fishery is open 8am to 9pm every day.
John Anderson, from Ayr, caught four fish for 15lb including a 7lb tiger; Barry Little, Peebles, two for 8lb 12oz including a 6lb 2oz tiger; Fraser Snaddon, Tullibody, two for 8lb including a 5lb 10oz rainbow; Barry Hamilton, Muirhead, a 5lb 4oz tiger; Frank Barr, Falkirk, five for 17lb 4oz including a 5lb rainbow, plus three caught and released; Peter O’Brien, Camelon, five for 16lb 4oz including a 4lb 8oz rainbow; Sean McGill, Airdrie, five for 12lb 12oz from the Meadow Pond; John Crawford, Newbridge, five for 13lb 10oz including a 3lb 4oz blue; Willie Nyguist, Stirling, four for 12lb 8oz; Frank Turner, Alloa, four for 12lb; Stan Moore, Falkirk, three for 9lb 8oz; Eddie McKillop jnr, Glasgow, three for 9lb 4oz including a 4lb 12oz tiger; Eddie McKillop, Glasgow, three for 9lb including a blue; W. Downie, two for 6lb 12oz including a 4lb 10oz rainbow; Ryan Moffat, Penicuik, caught and released 11; John Gordon, Kinross, caught and released 10.