Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending August 5th, 2016


Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent

Anglers have found fish difficult to find and catch on the bottom pond, due to the continuing warm weather, which in turn is forcing the rainbow trout into the deepest parts of the reservoir. Those anglers who have landed fish have found the dam and Pear Tree bank the more likely areas to find fish. Ken Pascoe boat-fished to land a limit off the dam using a combination of Sedge Pupa and Duck Fly. Cardiff member Ian Hewitt used his dry flies to good effect to land a brace of fish from two visits, while one session was sufficient for Roger Martin to mark his return from holiday with a four fish catch. James Francis fished the dam to take two rainbows on a Shipman's Buzzer, while day ticket holders Dave Arlotte and Mark Roberts also landed two trout, the latter fishing nymphs on Pear Tree bank. An evening session gave membership secretary Phil Harper another two fish return. Some good news for fishermen who enjoy the top pond, is that fish are being landed from the Tump. General treasurer Gwyn Davies used Olive Emergers and a Shuttlecock variant to land three trout to 3lb and then followed up with a session later in the week to land a further three fish, including a brown trout estimated at 2lb 8oz. Successful flies on this occasion were a Paraloop emerger and a Baby Sunfly. Gwyn reported that the water clarity was much improved, particularly from windward facing banks and also that the Canadian pond weed was showing signs of dying back from the banks. Stocking officer Steve Keen is carefully monitoring the water temperature and will resume stocking as soon as conditions allow.

At the weekend the top pond continued to show signs of improvement with the Murphy brothers landing four and three fish each. Les Murphy added a further four fish to a bottom pond catch of two rainbows with a specimen 5lb rainbow included in his top pond return. Arthur Murphy caught three good rainbows from his top pond session. Back on the bottom pond boat anglers are able to find fish with Ken Pascoe and Keith Higgins landing four and two trout from their respective boat sessions, while day ticket holders Richard Haines and Mark Roberts each caught a brace of trout using Damsel patterns from Pear Tree bank.