Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending June 10th, 2016

Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent
June being the traditional month for damsels, many of the fish caught so far this weekend have fallen to various imitations of the damsel fly. On the top pond Gwyn Davies fished from the Railings Bank to take a limit mainly on small weighted Damsels and PTNs. He added a further two fish from the Golf Club bank on the bottom pond. A further two fish were caught from the same, top pond Railings Bank by members Mike Tully and Dave Woods. The bottom pond returns again featured many fish caught on Damsel patterns from both bank and boats. Roger Martin, Dave Arlotte and Ken Bowring all fished from the Boat/Bush bank to catch six fish each, with another permit holder Arthur Murphy catching a brace. Day ticket visitor A. Thomas fished from the Golf Club bank to make a four fish return. Boat anglers found the fish in the deeper waters of the reservoir, with Keith Higgins and boat partner Shaun Cotterell catching seven and five fish respectively, while Ken Bowring continued his traditional June boat sessions with a further three fish. Damsels fished on intermediate and/or sinking lines were mainly successful, although some fish were caught on a Daddy Longlegs dry fly.
At the weekend boat anglers again headed for the deeper waters of the bottom pond to find fish, with John Eynon and boat partner Martin Rees landing seven and three fish respectively using mainly intermediate and slow sinking lines with Damsels and weighted Buzzers. Fishing from the bank, day ticket visitor Mike Akerman caught five good rainbows, while Roger Martin fished from his regular position on the Boat Bank to catch four fish. Fishing alongside Roger, Ken Bowring caught three fish, with the same total being reached by Cardiff member Alan Rees and stocking officer Steve Kean. Successful flies were Shipman's Buzzers, Damsels and Hoppers, including those with an orange thorax.