Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending June 17th, 2016

Llyn Brenig, Flintshire
A lovely start to the week which by Wednesday began to go rapidly downhill with storm clouds gathering over the lake and the air becoming warm and oppressive. The rest of the week was characterised by heavy showers and cloud bursts interspersed with a few brief sunny spells. The fish proved as unpredictable as the weather with some good days of fishing and some rather disappointing ones, resulting in a 2.4 rod average. Top bag goes to J. Duckett from Wrexham who recorded a fantastic bag weight of 23lb 5oz. The biggest fish was a 6lb 8oz rainbow caught by Paul Lonsdale who works in the fishing shop. There does seem to be a number of perch around at the moment with lots of fishermen catching them. The hotspots have been mostly on the western shoreline with Sailing Club Bay and the Brenig Arm fishing well with some success being found at the north end of the lake on the Nant Glyn shore and the Ring of Stones. Top flies are Cat’s Whiskers, Green Fritz, Cormorant, Buzzers, Black and Green Witch and White Welsh Witch.
The main gates will be closing at 8.45pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 8pm. One important point to mention is that due to circumstances beyond our control the forestry gate that accesses the Pentre-Llyn-Cymer track down to Tower Bay is more than likely to be shut and therefore access to Tower Bay will be from the North end car park.

Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent
As with many trout fisheries, Ynys y fro has seen a reduction in the number of fish caught, following the continuation of the very warm weather. Successful fishermen have used intermediate and/or sinking lines to reach fish. On the top pond the deeper waters off the Railings Bank produced fish, in particular for general treasurer Gwyn Davies. He used a combination of Damsel emergers and weighted Damsel Nymphs fished with a floating line to take a limit which included two brown trout, both estimated to weigh in excess of 2lb 8oz. James Francis also took a limit plus a further two trout on a Cat’s Whisker fished on a sinking line. Ken Bowring, who had caught a brace of fish from an earlier visit to the Railings Bank, fished alongside Gwyn to land five fish including another brown trout, again on various Damsel patterns. A similar approach gave Cardiff member, Ivor Thomas five fish over two visits, whilst a four fish return was registered by Dave Woods. The bottom pond has been equally challenging although Mark Roberts took a catch and release limit from near the Bush. Ken Bowring also fished the Boat Bank to take five fish from two day sessions. A four fish catch was recorded by Steve Curtis and John Edwards. Alan Rees, Kevin Pinkney and Tony Alonzi all caught two trout. Boat anglers also found fish quite hard to find, the exception being Keith Higgins, who fished deep for his limit. Two other boat users, Shaun Cotterell and Barry Powell landed four fish each.
Catch returns for May indicated that 1275 fish were caught and released from the two ponds whilst the season total so far was 4800. A total of 800 visits by members and day ticket holders during May, produced a rod average of 1.6 fish per angler, while 2100 visits since the beginning of March provides a very creditable season's rod average of 2.3.
At the weekend on the top pond website officer Adrian Moyse landed two fish from the inlet end of the Railings Bank using Green Buzzers. Fish are occasionally responding to weighted Damsel Nymphs fished on floating lines and allowed to reach the lower levels, followed with a slow figure of eight retrieve. On the bottom pond boat fishermen Les and Arthur Murphy found fish in the deeper waters, to land three and two fish respectively. Both reservoirs are due to be stocked during the week, which, combined with a weather forecast of lower temperatures and some wind/rain, should see an improvement in fishing.