Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending June 24th, 2016

Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent
Following the change in the weather plus a restocking of both ponds, fishing has greatly improved, on the bottom pond in particular. However, the top pond continues to provide sport, especially from the Railings Bank /inlet side. Mr J. Murphy landed a good limit of mixed blue and rainbow trout, while regular Roger Martin included an excellent rainbow of 4lb 8oz in his top pond return. On the bottom pond limits were recorded by Cowbridge angler Craig Bowles and Cardiff members Ken Bowring and Jeff Wilson. Both anglers added further catches of two and three fish respectively from later visits. Roger Martin added a further 10 fish from two visits to the Bush Bank on the bottom pond. Richard Bateman caught three fish from successive visits taking his second catch from Pear Tree Bank using Orange Shipman's Buzzers. Four-fish returns were made by Dave Howells and Howard Davies while three fish catches went to Les Murphy, Roy Jones, Adrian Moyse and Terry O'Connor. James Francis landed a brace of fish on two occasions, with a similar two fish catch being recorded by Gareth Neale, Graham Ingram Evans, Steve Kean, Del Haines and Kevin Pinkney. Boat anglers have also seen an improvement in fishing following the change in the weather, with John Eynon catching seven good rainbows, Keith Higgins catching five fish from two boat days, Shaun Cotterell landing four fish, again over two visits, while James Francis moved from the bank to the boat to take two fish, with the same number being caught by day ticket holder Bob Bradley.
At the weekend treasurer Gwyn Davies fished from the Tump on the top pond to land five rainbows to 3lb, all caught on Olive Emergers; James Francis also found fish from the Tump, particularly at the Swan 's Nest Bay. The bottom pond provided some good sport with Ken Bowring landing six fish, Roger Martin banking three rainbows and James Francis fishing Pipe Bay early in the day to take three fish on a combination of Shipman's Buzzers and Pheasant Tail Nymphs. An afternoon session, again in and around Pipe Bay, gave Ken Pascoe a seven fish return. Dave Howells and Arthur Murphy each took a brace of rainbows. Long serving committee man Brian Wareham landed an excellent 3lb 1oz rainbow during an evening session. Brian is presently dedicating a great deal of his time in developing a garden around the fishing hut. Boat anglers found fish in and around the Pear Tree end of the dam with Martin Rees, John Eynon and regular boat users Shaun Cotterell and Keith Higgins accounting for four fish. The most popular flies were Hoppers, CdC Buzzers, Shipman’s Buzzers with the occasional fish being caught on Bloodworm patterns.