Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending March 11th, 2016

Cwm Hedd Lakes, Gwent
Weekdays were very quiet, so anglers enjoyed plenty of platform choice. Lee Ashcroft took one fish and released 11 using a Mosaic Damsel and intermediate line. However, most anglers have been on floating lines, including Saturday regular Paul Elsworthy who took one fish and released five using a White Fritz and a Bloodworm. The Bloodworm and the Apps’ Bloodworm have been quite successful over the last few weeks, the Apps’ used by Garry Wharton who took one and released five including a smashing brown. Garry enjoys stalking his fish in the bay on the south west of the lake behind the small island. Saturday was not the easiest of fishing days: bright and sunny with a very cold brisk wind frequently changing direction but most anglers caught fish, including Gordon Smith who took one and returned six on a weighted Green Buzzer and a floating line. Fishing since he was 10 years old, Graham Veysey is still enjoying his fishing at the age of 85. Using a home-tied black and yellow nymph he took one rainbow and released another two using a floating line. At the other end of the age spectrum, 13-year-old Callum Russell also caught three rainbows, while it was nine for dad Matt. A number of these fish were from the platforms in front of the lodge.

Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent
The opening Saturday of the season saw very good returns despite a cold north wind. First fish of the new season was caught by Daniel Morton with his six fish catch including a specimen of 3lb 1oz. Amongst other members fishing on day tickets, Bob Bradley took a limit, Craig Bowles from Cowbridge landed seven fish, five good rainbows were caught by Wynne Jones and Gary Wharton, with the latter landing fish weighing 3lb 8oz and 3lb 4oz. Cardiff member Mark Southwood landed four fish. Members using their new permits included vice president Ken Bowring who took a limit from both ponds, his top pond catch including the first brown trout of the season. Newly appointed website officer Adrian Moyse included the largest fish of the day, an excellent rainbow weighing 3lb 14oz, in his total catch of 10 fish. Cardiff member Keith Higgins also took an eight-fish catch and release limit from the bottom pond. A six-fish catch was recorded by Mark Rees with a trout of 3lb 5oz, while the same number were caught by Shaun Cotterell who landed a fish of 3lb 6oz. Fisheries treasurer Colin Jones and Association committee member Terry O'Connor each caught four fish.
On Sunday a three-fish catch was the rule for the top pond with Ken Bowring, Keith Higgins, Shaun Cotterell, Roy Jones and Chris Daniels all taking fish Most fish were caught from the Tump and the Wood Bank, with Goldhead Damsel nymphs, Hare’s Ears and Buzzers proving effective. On the bottom pond, Chris Daniels added a further six fish to his top pond total, fishing from the farmhouse side of the bush using a combination of Cormorants and Hare's Ear nymphs. Chairman Adrian Connor also landed six rainbows from the bush using Goldhead Black Buzzers fished on a floating line and long leader. Ken Pascoe caught his brace of fish from Farmhouse Bay and the boat bank, while a two-fish total was also achieved by the three members of the Bevan Family, James, John and Paul, from Coleford.