Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending March 18th, 2016

Llyngwyn, Powys
For many years, the anglers’ adversary has been the canny cormorant, helping himself to fish while we persevere with permits and protocol. It is therefore ironic that February became the month where foe became fisherman’s friend and the best catching fly of the period was none other than the Cormorant! The largest fish of 6lb 12oz was landed by Terry Kerr of Howey. Many limit bags were caught, one of four fish for 12lb was caught by Adam Peach of Merthyr. Mark Rees of Brecon, D. Ellis of Gelligaer and Rob Davies of Llandinam all had good catches using the Cormorant fly. Others catching at the moment are Cat's Whisker, Blob, Damsels and Hare's Ears. Summer season tickets are now available from March 20 to October 17.

Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent
Following a successful opening weekend during which some 170 fish were caught from the two ponds, giving an average catch of at least two fish per member, the first full week of the season, has seen some good fishing for each pond. The top pond has produced the most consistent fishing, whilst the bottom pond has seen the fish switch ‘on and off’. However a considerable number of catch and release limits have been achieved, by both permit fishermen and day ticket holders. Ken Bowring caught regular limits from both ponds, while Roger Martin, Colin Jones, John Mcindo, Adrian Connor, Craig Bowles and R. Andrews reached their quota. Seven fish catches were recorded by Daniel Morton, Del Haines and Ivor Thomas, and six trout were taken in one session by Dave Howells, Craig Bowles, Hugh Davies and Bernie Davies. Fisheries treasurer Colin Jones added a further five fish to his earlier limit with the same number of trout being recorded by Ken Pascoe, Paul Ivins and Andrew Taylor. In addition, Alan Rees, Ray Tucker, Joel Craig, Mark Porteus and club president Martin Williams landed four fish over at least one visit. In terms of the heaviest fish caught, Terry O'Connor landed an excellent specimen of 4lb 6oz, Andrew Taylor, Hugh Davies and Ken Bowring each caught fish in excess of 3lb, while fish above 2lb 8oz were taken by Viv Jenkins, Dave Marlowe and Hugh Davies.
The addition of some more brown trout in the top pond resulted in Cowbridge member Dave Smith, regular member Ken Pascoe and vice president Ken Bowring, each landing and releasing good specimens in excess of 2lb. The most successful fishing areas are the Tump and the Wood Bank on the top pond, together with Pear Tree bank, the banks either side of the bush, and the car park bank on the bottom pond. Lures such as Cat’s Whiskers fished on intermediate lines have been catching fish, along with Damsel Nymphs, Bloodworms and Goldhead Black Buzzers fished occasionally on floating lines.
At the weekend the top pond saw a few catches, mainly from the tump, using Cat’s Whisker lures, but the bottom pond returns were far better. Ken Bowring and website officer Adrian Moyse both caught fish from the top pond, with Ken taking another limit and Adrian landing six trout. On the bottom pond Ken continued his limit successes with a further eight fish, whilst Pear Tree bank provided limits for Bernard Stephens, Dave Howells and Terry O'Connor. General treasurer Gwyn Davies reached a limit using Black Buzzers on Pear Tree bank and the dam. John Mcindo and Colin Jones both enjoyed another evening session with seven fish each. Day ticket holders also found the bottom pond more productive with R. Bowles landing six rainbows, Dave Slocombe and Chris Warren each catching three trout and K. Moon taking a brace. A large number of catch and release limits were also achieved and these included Bernie Davies with top and bottom pond limits, Roy Jones with a bottom pond eight fish, Stewart Gordon and James Francis on their first season visits, and Adrian Moyse, Terry O'Connor, Ken Bowring and Keith Higgins continuing their early season success. R. Bateman included one of the heaviest fish caught over the weekend with a 3lb 14oz rainbow in his limit. Black buzzers again proved the most effective nymph for John Eynon, Chris Daniels, Alan Rees and Colin Jones. A six fish catch was recorded by visitor Steve Roberts, five fish were caught by S. Parsons, N. Bird and Ivor Thomas, who used a combination of Buzzers and Vivas for his catch. Four fish each were recorded by Brian Green and Mark Roberts. Again returns of three and two fish were regularly recorded.
The Association plan to add more fish to both ponds prior to the Easter break, and again the average weight of fish will be in the region of 2lb. The Association also intends to stock a limited number of trout in the heavier categories of 3 - 5lb.