Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending March 25th 2016

Cwm Hedd Lakes, Gwent
There's been some excellent fishing in the last few weeks, interspersed with a few challenging days. A stock top-up is on its way from Exmoor Fisheries this week, and with a south westerly wind forecast fishing conditions should be favourable. Ken Pascoe was the winner of the Cwm Hedd Troutmasters fish-off, with seven fish totalling 20lb. Paul Elsworthy brought 10 fish to the net over two visits, while it was 11 for Keith Cox last week, nine for Stewart Gordon, eight for Steve Wakeham and Mark Whalley and seven for Lee Ashcroft and Huw Davies. Rad Novacowich had a great morning bringing five to the net, while Gordon Smith, Ethan Clarke, Andy Whitnall, Bill Williams, Ian Humpreys, Peter Bayliss and youngest angler Ethan Clarke was over the moon with his four fish. As always there has been a wide variety of flies used in the last few weeks, with the most consistent being Damsels, Bloodworms and Buzzers, mostly on intermediate lines, but floating lines have also brought success. Remember that Cwm Hedd is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so won't be open on Easter Monday.

Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent
Both reservoirs have been restocked including a small number of trout well in excess of 3lb. The top pond has been the more challenging of the two over the past week, but nevertheless a number of limits plus other good catch returns have been made. Ken Bowring and Keith Higgins have both made at least two top pond limits with Del Haines returning with seven and six fish from two sessions. Association president Martin Williams and new member L. Murphy each took four trout. Stewart Morton made his first visit to the reservoirs to land three top pond rainbows, as did Eddie Ricci. Another new member, John Edwards also caught three fish. General treasurer Gwyn Davies took a limit from the Railings Bank using weighted Buzzers and Diawl Bachs and then followed up with seven fish from the Golf Club Bank on the bottom pond, using weighted Buzzers. Other successful flies and lures on the top pond included Damsel Nymphs, Cat’s Whiskers and Black & Peacock Spiders. Again the Railings Bank and the Wood Bank have provided fish.
The bottom pond has seen a continuation of limits being taken with Ken Bowring again using his expertise to land good fish. Other limits were achieved by Dave Howells, Roger Martin, Stewart Gordon, Ken Pascoe and Ivor Thomas with Damsel Nymphs accounting for many of the limits. Mike Brake made one of his early visits to Ynys y fro to land seven fish using a Cat’s Whisker. Bernie Davies took the same number of trout with a combination of Bloodworm and Buzzers. Treasurer Colin Jones also landed seven rainbows with Black Buzzers again being successful. The same number of trout were caught by Shaun Cotterell including a fish weighing 2lb 9oz. A six-fish total was recorded by Alan Rees, along with Bernard Stephens, and Adrian Connor. Colin Jones landed a further five fish in an evening session from Pipe Bay. Stocking officer Steve Kean and head bailiff John Mcindo each took four fish with the latter using a Montana pattern. Day ticket holder Roger Andrews also took four fish. Alun Paul caught a brace of rainbows from the entrance to Farmhouse Bay using a goldhead Damsel pattern, while Dr John Morgan landed his first two fish of the season from Pipe Bay. A two-fish catch was also recorded by day ticket visitor Dave Russell and committee member Terry O'Connor which included a fish of 2lb 10oz.
Ken Bowring registered a 3lb 14oz fish for a Troutmasters badge, and Keith Higgins caught a rainbow of the same weight. Hugh Davies included fish weighing 3lb 11oz and 2lb 6oz in his return, and Dave Howells caught matching weights of 2lb 8oz. Day ticket holder A. Read listed a fish of 3lb in his return, with Roger Martin catching a specimen of 3lb 3oz in his limit. Most successful areas of the bottom pond have been Pear Tree Bank, The Bush and the Car Park Bank, plus Pipe Bay. As with the top pond, Damsel Nymphs, Cat’s Whiskers, Bloodworms and Buzzers have been most effective. The first of the season's boat sessions saw Cowbridge member Craig Bowles land four fish using Bloodworm and Buzzer patterns. The Association committee would remind all members and visitors to park sensibly at all times, especially when using the lane access to the bottom pond.
At the weekend the top pond again proved challenging, the exceptions being Ken Browning, Keith Higgins and Dave Howells who landed a limit, four fish, and six fish respectively. Dave included a fish of 2lb 10oz in his return. The bottom pond proved far more productive with Ken Bowring again taking limits over two visits, including an excellent specimen of 4lb 12oz. Other limits from the bottom pond were achieved by Adrian Moyse, including a fish of 3lb 4oz, and John Eynon, plus day ticket visitor Chris Taylor also landing eight fish. Another visitor Mark Barton caught seven fish. Six-fish catches went to day ticket holder Tim Mullins while five fish returns were recorded by Lee Murphy, John Edwards, Steve Kean, Shaun Cotterell and day ticket visitor Brian Christopher. Permit holder Ken Pascoe continued his good season with another four fish catch, while Alan Rees, Keith Higgins and Brian Green, all caught three rainbows. Mike Brake caught a brace of fish over two visits, with John Eynon, Eddie Ricci and John Morgan also taking two good trout. Colin Jones used Goldhead Buzzers to add a further five fish to his weekend total. On Sunday Stewart Morton and Ken Bowring both took limits from each pond, and both included brown trout in their top pond limit. Ken's brown trout was his fifth of the season. Stewart used a Cat’s Whisker on the top pond, and a green-flash Damsel Nymph for the bottom pond. Day ticket holder Mike Price also managed a bottom pond limit while Mark Roberts caught a brace from the bottom pond. Season permit holder John Eynon followed up his Saturday total with another five fish while website officer Adrian Moyse and chairman Adrian Connor each caught three rainbows. Bernard Hartland, Gareth Neale and Brian Green landed two fish from their morning session while successful bank anglers Keith Higgins and Shaun Cotterill caught four fish each from an early season boat outing. The Railings Bank on the top pond, and the more sheltered Car Park Bank on the bottom pond saw most fish caught. Damsel Nymphs, Cat’s Whiskers and Buzzers were the most successful flies.