Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending May 20th, 2016

Cwm Hedd Lakes Fly Fishing, Gwent
There has been some superb fishing in the last few weeks, with most anglers finding success on Damsels, Buzzers, Montanas, Black Tadpoles and Daddy Longlegs. There are plenty of fish moving and showing all over the lake, feeding well on this year's abundant insect life. Mike James summed up his visit this week: “Great day again, six to the net, should have been 66. I missed so many takes. I fished Buzzers, Crunchers and emergers in amongst the continual raindrops”. Nigel Lane had a great day too, catching three fish around the 3lb mark and put many back. Matt and Callum Russell brought 12 fish to the bank between them, Matt on a Shipman's Buzzer, Callum on Crunchers. Huw Davies had nine fish last week using a Black Hopper and a Hare's Ear, and 11 fish this week, using a Shipman's Buzzer. Huw advises keeping things simple: one fly, a 12-14-foot leader, and use the wind, casting upwind and letting the fly drift with just the occasional twitch. Tom Hughes had four rainbows, using a Grey Duster and a floating line. Kieron Jenkins brought 10 fish to the bank using an Olive Shipman's. Cwm Hedd will close for the summer on Sunday June 5.

Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent
The onset of warmer weather saw an increase in fly life, particularly on the top pond. Gwyn Davies fished from the Tump and from the newly cleared Hedge Bank, to land a catch and release limit, which included rainbows to 4lb and a brown trout estimated at 2lb 8oz. Fish were rising well and were caught on size 16 olive emerger patterns. Also on the top pond, Jeff Evans landed three fish, while Graham Ingram Evans used a Claret Shipman’s Buzzer for his three fish. James Francis included a brown trout in his two fish catch taken on a PTN. On the bottom pond, fish seem to have moved into Farmhouse Bay, resulting in some good catches, from both morning and late evening sessions. Del Haines fished from the steps to catch five fish, mainly using CdC emerger patterns, with the same fly proving successful for Chris Daniels and Colin Jones, each catching three trout. Stocking officer Steve Kean landed a brace of fish, again using a CdC emerger. Other successful bank fishermen included Ken Pascoe with six fish, Ken Bowring and Roger Martin catching eight and six fish respectively from the Bush, while day ticket holders Barry Powell and Daniel Morton each landed three rainbows, as did permit holders Mark Southwood and Eddie Ricci. A brace of trout were also recorded by Dave Howells, Jeff Wilson, Gwyn Davies and Alun Paul.
On the Association's boats, Mike Price, Keith Higgins and Bob Bradley, all took limits, while two boat outings provided 14 fish for Ken Pascoe. Both ponds have been restocked with rainbows in the region of 2lb 8oz, and all fishermen must observe the bank restrictions being applied, immediately following stocking. Both bank limits and time limits are clearly displayed on the relevant banks and/or in the fishing hut.
The Committee has also installed a white board in the hut so anglers considering entering a fish for a Troutmasters badge entry can find information on the biggest fish caught on any day. Anglers are also encouraged to use the board to identify successful fly patterns.
At the weekend most anglers found fish in and around Farmhouse Bay. Fish were responding well to CdC Buzzers and emergers fished on a floating line. Sally Ann Iles caught her two fish from Farmhouse Bay, as did Richie Young. Ken Bowring took his expected limit, with fishing companion Roger Martin landing seven trout. Beddau member, Dave Howells caught six rainbows, with Colin Jones fishing up to closing time to take his four trout. Nigel Burge and Adrian Moyse each landed three fish, with Keith Higgins, J. Edwards, Gareth Neale and Steve Kean, each taking two fish.
Saturday 's fishing proved quite difficult with fine weather and a chilly north easterly breeze. Nevertheless, Martin Rees landed seven fish from the Bush using a combination of Blobs and Black Spiders, Adrian Moyse caught his eight fish from the same area, as did John Eynon with two trout. Cardiff Flyfishing Club president Fred Davies also registered a two fish return. The top pond also produced some good sport with the Tump, Hedge Bank and the Railings Bank all providing results. Chris Daniels took a very good catch and release limit, Jeff Evans caught four fish, while James Francis who used PTNs, plus brothers Steve and John Grey registered three fish each. Back on the bottom pond, Roger Lewis caught eight trout during an afternoon boat session, while Sheila Maynard and Craig Williams also took to the boat to land four and three fish each. Successful tactics involved the use of an intermediate line with washing-line technique plus small beadhead marabou Bloodworm Buzzer patterns.