How to tie the Lite-Brite Minkie Stillwater Fly


For Paul Procter, mink makes the most stunning Zonkerstyle flies. Generally a lot shorter in hair length than rabbit, it lends itself to smaller flies. Natural brown or grey mink always finds its way into my flies, but do play around with dyed mink. Various shades of Glister dubbing can be applied for the body.

Hook: Size 8-14 2X longshank

Thread: To match body

Body: Veniard Glister dubbing

Tag: Orange marabou

Tail and back: Mink Zonker strip

Head: Black thread


Fix the hook in the vice and apply close turns of lead wire. Run black thread down to the bend and catch in a tail of orange marabou.

Secure marabou tail with tight thread turns before dubbing on a pinch of pearl Lite Brite. Wind this towards the eye to form the body.


Take a thin strip of brown mink, about twice the length of the hook shank, and trim one end to a point. Catch the strip in at the eye.

Secure the mink strip with thread turns. Build a small head and cast off with a whip finish. Next, run on tan thread at the tail base.


Pull mink strip over top of the body dividing the hair at the tail base. Dampening the hair helps. Secure strip with three thread turns.

Cast off the thread at the tail with a whip finish. Finally, apply a coat or two of varnish to the head.