How to tie the Mini Damsel Stillwater Fly


Here's how to tie a mini damsel fly, perfect for spring and summer sport. Often classed as a stillwater fly, this can be a devastating pattern to fish on small rivers and streams.

Follow the few simple steps below and you'll soon have yet another great pattern to add to your armoury of superb trout fishing flies...

Hook: Size 12-14 mid-length Thorax: Scrap of lead

wire Eyes: (optional) Blobbed monofilament dipped

in black head varnish Hackle: A green dyed partridge hackle to suggest legs and haze the outline

Tail: Mixed olive and yellow marabou Body: Dubbed

and wound mixed olive and yellow marabou

Rib: Fine gold wire (or stretched flashabou) wound

in opposite direction to body material


1 Wind seven turns of 0.4mm lead wire around hook. Over wrap with several thread turns, taking thread back to tail. Coat with varnish.

2 Select marabou fibres in olive and yellow. Mix them together as shown to form the highly mobile tail.


3 Carefully tie in the mixed marabou so the wraps are the same diameter as the lead wire. Also tie in a length of fine gold wire.

4 Wax the thread and dub the mixed olive and yellow marabou feathers to form the main body of the fly.


5 Take the thread forward and tie in a dyed yellow partridge feather for the front hackle as shown.

6 Use a dubbing spinner to spin the marabou into a thin rope. Wrap this dubbing forward almost to the hook eye.


7 Tie off dubbing, snip it away flush with body.Bring rib forward in opposite direction to dubbing turns. Tie off and break the wire away.

8 Grip centre strand of partridge hackle with pliers and make two hackle turns. Tie down and trim the excess hackle away.


9 The finished fly. The marabou tail is nipped with thumb and finger to the same length as the body. For a shorter fly use a shorter hook.