How to tie the Sunburst Flashback Nymph Stillwater Fly


Here we show how to tie the Sunburst Flashback Nymph trout fly in a few detailed steps, providing enough information for you to be able to create this fly for yourself within a few minutes.

Hook: Size 10-12 Fulling Mill Competition Heavyweight

Thread: Red 8/0

Rib: Red wire

Tail: Sunburst marabou tips

Body: Mottled marabou

Flashback: Pearly tinsel

Thorax: Hare’s fur

Legs: Brown partridge


1 Fix hook securely in vice and run red tying thread on at the eye. Catch in a length of fine, red wire and secure it with close thread turns.

2 Wind thread over wire and down to hook-bend. There, catch in a length of flat, pearl tinsel plus a pinch of sunburst marabou for the tail.


3 Secure marabou tail in position with tight turns of thread. Return thread to tail-base and catch in a few fibres of brown, mottled marabou.

4 Wind thread two-thirds of the way back towards eye. Next take hold of marabou fibres and wind them up towards the tying thread.


5 When marabou body has been formed secure loose ends with tying thread. Draw the pearl tinsel over the top of the body and secure.

6 Now, take hold of red wire and wind it over the body in open, evenly spaced turns. These turns of wire lock the pearl ‘flashback’ in place.


7 Secure then remove waste wire. Catch in two short lengths of pearl tinsel. Dub on a small pinch of hare’s fur for thorax.

8 With thorax in place, take a small brown partridge feather and remove the tip so it forms a V-shape. Catch it in at the eye to form the legs.


9 Pull the two pearl tinsel strands over the top of thorax and secure. Remove excess tinsel and feather stem then cast off with a whip finish.