How to tie the Super Minkie Stillwater Fly


When the trout are frantically feeding on small fish fry, you'll struggle to find a better fly than a minkie pattern.

Perhaps more associated with stillwater fishing, this large, colourful pattern is designed to not only resemble 'baby' perch, roach, rudd and the likes, but also to anger the trout into snatching at it.

Here's how you can create your very own Super Minkie fly with only a handful of simpe-to-follow steps...

Hook: Size 8-10 longshank

Weight: Fine, lead wire

Thread: White

Tail: Pearl Angel Hair

Body: Pearl Lite-Brite

Belly: White mink strip

Wing: Black mink strip

Cheeks: Orange rabbit fur

Eyes: Plastic teddy bear eyes


1 Fix the hook in the vice and wind on close turns of lead wire so that they cover three-quarters of the length of the shank.

2 Secure the lead wire with turns of white tying thread. Carry tying thread down to bend and catch in a length of Angel Hair to form the tail.


3 Take a strip of white mink fur and position so that its rear end is level with tip of Angel Hair. Divide fur to expose skin and fix with thread.

4 Stroke fur strip back so it is clear of the hook shank, then dub on a large pinch of pearl Lite-Brite. Wind on to form a thick, tapered body.


5 With body in place and thread now positioned at the eye, stretch the fur strip over the top of the body and secure with tight thread turns.

6 Cut a small hole in the skin side of a strip of black mink. Remove the hook from the vice and push its point and bend through the hole.


7 When all of the hook bend is through the strip, invert the hook and fix back in vice. Stretch fur strip to the eye and secure with the thread.

8 Trim off waste ends of fur strips then return hook to its original position in vice. Add a small pinch of orange fur either side of the wing.


9 Build up the head then cast off the thread with a whip finish. Finally, Superglue a small plastic eye to either side of the wing.