How to make droppers stand proud


Obviously, you’ll never completely eradicate droppers twisting around the main line. But a simple overhand knot helps the dropper stand proud away from the main leader. This is a quick fix and does help, although it’s not completely foolproof. Some anglers say that this will weaken the knot but others swear by it.
■ Throw an overhand loop around the main leader and take the tag end through this opening.
■ Dampen the knot and pull tight by tweaking the tag end forwards, towards the fly line end to lock it in place, resulting in the dropper standing at a right angle.

How to tie the double-blood knot


This is basically two blood knots tied back-to-back and it’s great for making droppers stand proud away from the main leader.
■ Overlap the two sections of line and begin to wind one around the other.
■ Continue wrapping for four or five turns then double back the tag (loose) end to tuck between the two lines where the twists begin.
■ Taking the remaining tag end repeat the twisting procedure on the opposite main line and pass the tag end through the initial opening – adjacent to the first tag end – but in the opposite direction.
■ Initially tighten the tag ends before clinching the knot tight by drawing on the two main lines. Finally, snip away the waste ends.


Using mini rings


Small metal rings (above) might be fiddly to deal with but they’re a great way of joining leader material together and creating droppers. The dropper knot, being tied to a ring, tends to stand proud away from the main leader so reducing tangles. Droppers have a nasty habit of twisting around the main leader which can be frustrating, so any way of making a dropper stand away from the main leader is beneficial. Thankfully, if you find the metal rings a bit too fiddly to deal with, there are a few knots that can help the dropper length of leader to stay away from the main.