Irish lough part of Brexit fall-out?

Image courtesy of   Tamsin Slater

Image courtesy of Tamsin Slater

POLITICAL issues could affect an Irish sea trout location, after concerns were expressed over the fate of Carlingford Lough post-Brexit.
Mark Dearey, a county councillor in the Republic of Ireland’s Co. Louth, says that in the fall-out from last year’s momentous EU referendum, he is fearful that the UK may try to claim the lough, which straddles the border between the Republic and Northern Ireland, although the precise position of the border through the lough was described by the UK’s Crown Estate two years ago as an “issue for determination” between the two nations.
Interviewed by the Irish Examiner about the possible environmental impact of Brexit and whether a united Ireland could help, Cllr. Dearey said that claims to the lough raised the question of what happen to the water supply to towns on the Republic side.
The Examiner report said that Cllr Dearey thought it “quite possible” that the UK will attempt to claim Carlingford Lough as well as there is dispute as to where the high water mark is and what it means for control of the lough.
The lough is also popular with sea anglers, drawn there by In particular by prospects for bass fishing.