“The word ‘limit’ is in great danger of becoming the most important word in the trout fisherman’s vocabulary.”
– Some things never change. Editorial Dec/Jan 1978.


“The reason for this early fishing on Llyn Trawsfynydd is that the water of the lake is used to cool reactors on the atomic station on the north shore. The used water is pumped back…some six degrees warmer…”
– We were a bit more relaxed about such matters in 1978.


“I have been encouraged by the British Field Sports Society Fighting Fund to write to [Prime Minister] Jim Callaghan…to protest about the inclusion in the next Labour Party manifesto concerning the banning of all fieldsports.”
– Still sorry Maggie got in? Letters, July 1978.


“Kielder is destined to become the Geordies’ Rutland.”
– We previewed Kielder’s arrival on the flyfishing scene in November 1978. Sadly, the label never stuck…


“I do wish people would stop praising the Thames Water Authority fisheries. For £4.50 a day with a six-fish limit it is nothing short of robbery.”
– Letters, September 1978.


“Our mind boggles at the thought of trying to present a fly to a trout in the often dark and stormy days of January and February.”
– We had a season back then: editorial February 1979.


“Come privatisation [of water authorities], I fear we fly fishers may well be faced with an unhappy choice – either some compromise over out-of-season use of our reservoirs by coarse anglers, or a very steep rise in the cost of our fishing.”
– Mixed-method fisheries have had a long gestation period. Letters, January 1989.


“Last year the [Campaign for the Abolition of Angling] launched the first anti-angling day. Despite the fact that this was an almost total flop, they plan to have another…”
– June 1989.


“Fly tying too, has never been more popular, as anglers have been unhappy to accept some of the foreign-tied rubbish masquerading as flies…”
– A little international outreach from editor Chris Dawn in his January 1990 column.


“If Welsh Water had not opened [Llandegfedd] up for two weeks’ pike fishing, and massive publicity not [been] given to the pike caught, Welsh trout anglers would not now be boycotting a first-class trout fishery.”
– Another debate that still simmers in certain places today. Letters, April 1990.


“I shared my bank pitch with swimming dogs, several bathers and a rubber dinghy containing three children…all totally illegal. Roll on the colder weather.”
– The May 1990 editorial has an issue with bailiffing at Grafham.


“For the body, Donald used an old piece of yellow carpet that had been lying in his box for years.”
– Verdon Edgar reports on the humble beginnings to Donald McClearn’s masterpiece, the Dabbler. June 1990.


“Tom Ivens developed his rod, the Iron Murderer, on Ravensthorpe, although tennis elbow was guaranteed every time you used it.”
– Frank Cutler recalls halcyon days, June 1990.


“One three-rod boat weighed in no fewer than 72 trout…three times the legal limit at [Lintrathen Reservoir].”
– Ian Muckle explains three life bans handed down in September 1990.


“God made the rocks and the sea, then on the seventh day, He rested.”
– Possibly the Bible’s one and only appearance in TF, as a Hebridean Sabbath confines us to sea fishing only. January 1999.


“I can think of better ways to spend the £900 quoted for starting float tubing (TF December). For half the cost, you can buy a small inflatable dinghy and outboard and retain your dignity.”
Letters, February 1999.


“New research from the Environment Agency suggests the majority of trout anglers would prefer to catch wild fish on rivers – if only they could get access to them.”
More information on available river fishing was an issue. News, May 2002.


“…it’s the ugliest place I’ve ever been. Pipes, derelict workhouses and the hiss of many gasses spew out from everywhere. It’s pure industrial hell with the monotonous clanging of machinery.”
– Editor Russell Hill finds double-figure brownies behind the security gates of a Yorkshire chemical works. Jan-Feb 2008.


“For nine grand, I’m looking for the same kind of rod that you are: one that’s passed down to me by a giant hand emerging from a cloud, while an angelic chorus informs me that all the fish of the world are henceforth mine.”
– Our review of Chanel’s preposterous £9,000 fly rod and reel brought us within a whisker of Bauer Media’s Scoop of the Year award. Then Heat snapped James Corden in his underpants… Aug/Sep 2008.


“TomTom has taken 90 minutes to get me to a fishery 30 minutes from where I live…TomTom is now sitting in a car with an open window, in the hope someone else takes a fancy to him…”
– Satnavs have come on a lot since we met this disgruntled angler at Ballencrieff in 2008.


“It seemed a good idea…promoting his business by attaching a 26ft inflatable gorilla to the roof of his showroom. Within two hours, he had a policeman on his doorstep informing him that Windsor Castle hadn’t taken kindly to the addition of an outsize primate to the skyline...”
– Felix Farm Fishery owner Rob Barrett recalls a run-in with the monarch in his days as a Vauxhall dealer.  Dec/Jan 2010-11.


“’How about you fish magnetised hooks and I fish the same fly, only not magnetised, a few yards away, as a control experiment?’...‘Are you having a laugh?’ was his emailed response.”
– After much action at Roxholme Fly Fishery, a sceptical Nick Halstead eventually conceded that magnetising your hooks might be an idea worth pursuing….Jan/Feb 2014.