Trout Fisherman - Issue 482


- Peter Cockwill and Keith Arthur find quality fish at Sutton Bingham’s West Pond
- Enjoyable fishing methods and actually catching fish are sometimes poles apart, as Craig Barr explains
- Fry feeding isn’t limited to late season as Gareth Jones discovers on a visit to Farmoor Reservoir
- Ceri Jones and friends put the new Translucent Blobs through their paces at Llyn Fawr
- Stick with early season fishing and you could get the best river brownie you catch all year
- Jon Barnes fishes the River Tees during an April hatch


- Rob Edmunds makes the case for boat fishing and provides tips for first-timers regarding drifts and anchoring
- Draycote’s Tom Bird reveals the four sunken islands that are hotspots for trout anglers


- Peter Cockwill visits an Oxfordshire fishery which revels in a slower pace of life
- Three UK waters worth visiting this month


- The Scottish Wild Fisheries Bill might have serious consequences for trout anglers as Jeffrey Prest investigates
-Latest stories and events plus Ian Muckle reports on the Scottish stillwater scene


- TF experts answer your questions on feeding patterns, fluorocarbon and river watercraft
- How to... strike with a dry fly
- Paul Procter has all the advice you need to connect with surface-feeding fish
- Robbie Winram reviews the latest gear including Hardy Zephrus rods, Snowbee’s Geo-5 waders and the Redington Behemoth reel
- A close look at the new Tiemco vice, material clamps, dubbing, hooks and a clear head cement