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6 Early morning fry-up
TF contributors recall their memorable catches on the fry. Plus 20 killer tips


12 Shrimpy shallows
Iain Barr and Dave Shipman target Grafham’s shrimp feeders in just a foot of water

19 Coping with conditions
How to cope when everything seems to be going against you. Jeff Prest visits Parkview fishery

24 Long live wets
 TF discusses the current status of traditional wet flies and their modern twists

28 How to fish a just-opened water
Follow our guide to dealing with a newly-opened venue – in this case Turnaface Fishery in Ireland


32 Back-end fry bash
How to catch a late-season fry-feeding trout plus seven top fry patterns

34 Size matters
Rob Edmunds reveals his new hybrid pattern that’s proving deadly on hard-fished waters


41 UK waters
Four top fisheries to visit this month

44 Sussex charm
Peter Cockwill visits Brick Farm Lakes and finds a fishery set for a bright future

50 Spotlight on...
 Esthwaite Water in the Lake District

52 Gold rush
Dave Lewis hunts for golden dorado in Argentina


58 Advice squad
TF’s panel of experts answer your questions

62 How to...
Use floatant on dry flies

66 Snowbee advice
How to choose the right pair of waders


67 Polar Fry
Follow Peter Gathercole’s step-by-step to a top fry pattern

70 Flymasters
Your small fry patterns are judged by Peter Gathercole who also sets a new tying challenge

74 Flybox fillers
Russ Symons ties a Rough Buzzer


77 New gear
Robbie Winram reviews the latest gearincluding jackets, rods, waders and accessories

82 Fly-tying products
Spotlight on picric-dyed materials, a buggy dubbing and a mini hair stacker


84 News
What’s new on the trout scene plus Scottish news

85 Cockwill
A big fan of the single fly, Peter Cockwill can also see the logic in multiple fly set-ups

86 Letters
Trout Fisherman readers have their say on all manner of subjects

88 Troutmasters
Are you among this month’s badge winners?

92 Sportfish Team Championships
Team Airflo reveal their winning tactics

95 Match news
Iain Barr’s report from the Autumn Menteith international

98 Angling legend Lefty Kreh
Jeff Prest takes a look at the main man


40 Reader offer
Get 40% off a Hardy Shadow fly rod

56 Subscription offer
Subscribe this month and receive an Airflo Outlander mesh vest