6 How to get started
Follow our three easy steps and you’ll soon be part of the fascinating world of flyfishing


14 Find the drop-off
Craig Barr knows exactly where the fish will be on upland reservoirs

20 Northern powerhouse
If you thought Cumbrian flyfishing was all small wild brownies, New Mills may well change your mind

26 Increase catch rate by 10%
How using modern Fritz materials plus a few tactical tweaks can bring success

30 You’re going to need a bigger rod
While waiting for the trout season to begin Matt Roberts goes in search of pike on the fly


38 Mayflies
Make the most of the mayfly season


43 UK waters
Stillwater fisheries to visit this month

46 Many faces of Meon Springs
Peter Cockwill visits a fishery doing its bit to introduce newcomers to the sport

48 Carp and the Canaries
In pursuit of carp on the fly in the balmy climes of Gran Canaria

54 Spotlight on...
Eyebrook Reservoir which has recently been taken over by a new management team


56 Advice squad
TF’s panel of experts answer your questions on wind knots, light leaders, dropper set-ups and point flies

60 How to...
Choose a floating fly-line


65 Mayfly Emerger
Peter Gathercole ties a neat pattern, ideal when fish are that little bit fussy

68 Flybox fillers
Russ Symons ties a Muskins variant

72 Flymasters
Your adult Mayfly patterns judged by Peter Gathercole who also sets a new challenge


77 New gear
Robbie Winram reviews the latest gear including the Scierra X-16000 chest waders and Daiwa’s Airity rod

84 Fly-tying gear
A close look at hooks, a dyed grouse skin, hooked dubbing needle and metallic fritz.


86 News
All the latest news and gossip on the trout fishing scene

89 Cockwill
Peter doesn’t hold back on what it takes to be a fishery manager

90 Investigation
To tag or not to tag?

92 Letters
Trout Fisherman readers have their say

94 Book reviews
Two new books get the Jeff Prest treatment

96 Troutmasters
Are you among this month’s badge winners?

102 Match news
Iain Barr on how the World Bank Masters was won

106 Wading in
Jeff Prest on how the rules we sometimes impose on fishing can put people off


36 Subscription offer
Subscribe to Trout Fisherman magazine this month and receive two waterproof fly boxes

82 Reader offer
Airflo Delta Classic rod outfit for £119.99 – a saving of £189