6 Esthwaite goes native
Paul Procter samples sport at Esthwaite which has gone ‘brown trout only’


12 Avoiding group-think
Phil Dixon suggests what to do when trout have seen the same old flies

18 Too many set-ups?
Nick Hart reminds us not to spend too much time changing tactics

24 Eyebrook’s new buzz
Iain Barr enjoys a cracking Buzzer session at an
in-form Eyebrook Reservoir

30 Two simple ways to catch
Try these easy set-ups and catch your first fish!

36 Buzzer evolution
Peter Cockwill examines how buzzer imitations have changed over the last 40 years

40 Deadly new Snakes
Rob Edmunds explains why anglers need a selection of Snake lures in their armoury


44 Damsels
Hatch facts and top imitations for you to try out this season


51 UK waters
Five fisheries from Cornwall to Ayrshire to visit this month

54 Spotlight on...
Llyn Brenig – a guide to the mid summer hotspots for boat and bank

56 San Juan lagoons
Dave Lewis and friends hunt for tarpon in the shadow of a bustling city


62 Advice squad
TF’s panel of experts answer your questions on Buzzer fishing, knots and beads

66 How to...
Get the best from your hooks

69 New series: Snowbee advice
Simon Kidd on how to choose a floating line


71 How to tie a Damsel Nymph
Peter Gathercole provides a tying sequence

74 Flybox fillers
Russ Symons ties an Olive Cruncher

78 Flymasters
Peter Gathercole judges your Damsel Nymph patterns and sets a new tying challenge


83 New gear
Latest gear reviews including Scierra’s Memento rods and Hodgman jackets

90 Fly-tying gear
Robbie Winram looks at ostrich plumes, hair patches and a new UV-cure resin


92 News
All the latest “happenings” on the trout scene

95 Cockwill
Highlighting the “sod’s laws” of fly fishing

96 Letters
Trout Fisherman readers have their say

98 Troutmasters
This month’s badge winners plus a gallery of your latest catch pictures

103 Match news
Iain Barr comments on the current match scene

106 Wading in
Jeff Prest on the idea of hookless flies!


48 Subscription offer
Subscribe to Trout Fisherman magazine this month and receive a competition fly case

88 Reader offer
A Storafly fly box and 200 assorted flies for only £29.99 – save £148!