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6 Your first...
We share your fly-fishing ‘firsts’

8 Did I lose a record grayling?
Steve Cullen recalls a memorable session on a Yorkshire chalkstream


14 Think like a matchman
Gareth Jones explains why it pays to have an adaptable line of attack

20 Primed for action
Paul Richardson adopts a two-rod approach to find the right method after a hot summer

26 Simply Buzzing
Don’t write off the humble Buzzer in winter. We find out why at Scotland’s Bangour fishery

32 Autumn tips
Top tips as the waters cool and winter approaches

34 Follow the wind
Mike Thrussell uses a proven theory when tackling a stillwater for the first time


38 Fry-feeding time
All you need to know about the trout’s main prey at fry-bashing time, plus 10 top patterns to try now

42 In search of big browns
Top tactics from Rob Edmunds


47 UK waters
Four top fisheries to visit this month

50 Spotlight on...
London’s Walthamstow Reservoirs


52 Advice squad
TF’s panel of experts answer your questions

56 How to...
Search a river – expert tips from Paul Procter


61 Flashback Cruncher
Peter Gathercole ties a nymph that will serve you well around the weedbeds

64 Flybox fillers
Step-by-step instructions for a simple but effective mini Buzzer, perfect as winter approaches

68 Fastmail flies
Phil Dixon picks six mobile lures to try this winter

70 Flymasters
Peter Gathercole judges your fur-strip wing patterns and sets a new tying challenge


75 New gear
Robbie Winram reviews the latest tackle including rods, lines and clothing

80 Fly-tying products
Predator hooks, squirrel dubbing and more...


46 Barbed v barbless hooks
Three TF contributors give us their views

82 News
Latest from the trout scene

84 Letters
Trout Fisherman readers have their say

86 Cockwill
Why Peter prefers fishing in company rather than solitude as the years go by

87 Troutmasters
Are you among this month’s badge winners?

91 Troutmasters final
How the top three anglers caught their fish and our promise to deliver the correct results

95 Iain Barr
Troutmasters was such a great day out

98 Wading in
Jeff Prest finds himself alone at a fishery and craves someone to talk to! No one cares!

60 Subscription offer

Save up to 51% when you subscribe to Trout Fisherman magazine

74 Readers’ offer
Greys CT waders and wading boots for only £119.99 – a saving of £90!