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6 Your first...
We share your fly-fishing ‘firsts’


8 Late season bank raid
Iain Barr gets up early to target Rutland’s big trout lying just yards from the shore

14 They still work!
Peter Cockwill fishes ‘old-fashioned’ wet flies at a rain-sodden Rib Valley lakes

20 The bare essentials
TF meets one angler who uses only four flies throughout a season

26 Glorious grayling
Top tips for late season sport

36 Mat finish?
TF talks catch and release with coarse anglers and asks if fly fishermen should use mats


37 Fish farming
Jeff Prest gains insight into how our trout are farmed and how one farm has become very efficient


42 Winter fishing
How to stay warm and dry this winter plus some tips to help you catch more


47 UK waters
Four top waters to visit this month

50 Spotlight on...
Winter tactics for Rutland Water

52 Big fish & bear country
Wild adventures on Alaska’s Kodiak Island


56 Advice squad
TF’s experts answer your questions on fry-feeding, wading boot soles and tying techniques

59 How to...
Catch a grayling with river specialist Paul Procter


63 The Humungus
Peter Gathercole ties a firm fry-feeding favourite for late season on stillwaters

66 Flybox fillers
Russ Symons ties a Winter Beady that will actually catch all year round

68 Fastmail flies
Phil Dixon picks six successful flies for winter sport

72 Flymasters
Peter Gathercole judges your mobile weighted lure patterns and sets a new tying challenge


77 Gear on test
Robbie Winram reviews rods, waders, clothing, luggage and more...

82 Fly-tying products
Reviews of Extreme String, Slush Jelly and Easy Dub


84 News
Pike v trout feud rages on in Ireland and much more from the trout scene

86 Letters
Trout Fisherman readers have their say

88 Cockwill
Taxidermy: is it an ethical way to preserve fish?

89 Troutmasters
Are you among this month’s badge winners?

93 Iain Barr
The 2019 World Bank Masters is launched

94 Match tips
England International John Horsey makes the case for competition fly-fishing

98 Wading in
Jeff Prest describes the end of his love affair with Boobies


36 Subscription offer
Receive an Outlander mesh vest when you subscribe to Trout Fisherman magazine

46 Reader offer
Greys GR50 rod, GTS500 cassette reel and lots more for only £169.99 – a saving of £138!