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6 Call of the wild
Derbyshire’s River Wye offers the fly angler a unique experience – fishing for truly wild rainbows


12 Give me some indication
Peter Cockwill uses the controversial ‘indicator’ method to tempt fussy fish

18 Two-pronged attack
Russ Symons switches between nymphs and lures to find success at Kennick Reservoir

24 Donegal’s upland loughs
Jeff Prest tours the many loughs of Donegal with the locals

31 Seasonal changes
Mike Handyside’s diaries reveal how his local river changes through the year

36 Scratching the surface
Phil Dixon’s surface tactics for a slightly coloured Blithfield Reservoir

42 Beat the algae
How to catch trout despite algae and one fishery’s way of dealing with it


48 Damsels
Life cycle and fishing tips


51 UK waters
Four top stillwaters to visit this month

54 Spotlight on...
Bank hotspots for Derwent Reservoir

56 Experience Panama
John Horsey enjoys catching a variety of hard-fighting fish off the Panama coast


60 Advice squad
TF’s experts answer your questions on straightened hooks, browns from the Lakes and much more...

64 How to...
Catch in a mayfly hatch

68 Tackle advice
Snowbee’s Simon Kidd on Buzzer-fishing gear


69 Tie a Mayfly
Peter Gathercole shows you how

72 Flybox fillers
Russ Symons ties a Skinny Buzzer

76 Fastmail flies of the month
Six deadly Damsel patterns and how to fish them

78 Flymasters
Peter Gathercole judges your close-copy Damsel Nymph patterns and sets a new challenge


83 New gear
Robbie Winram reviews the latest gear including Daiwa’s Lexa Fly rods and Greys jackets

88 Fly-tying products
Thinskin selection packs, African goat dubbing, Block Fritz and a new Hanak jig hook


82 Book reviews
Two books and a video get the Jeffrey Prest treatment

92 News
The latest from the trout scene

96 Letters
Trout Fisherman readers have their say on old flies, multi-purpose fishing and Sparctic trout

98 Cockwill
Peter Cockwill writes a light-hearted reflection on angling’s near-misses

99 Troutmasters
Are you among this month’s badge winners? Plus we feature your catch pictures

106 Wading in
Jeffrey Prest writes about the appeal of the old fibreglass rods


47 Subscription offer
Save up to 51% when you subscribe to Trout Fisherman magazine this month

90 Reader offer
Half-price Daiwa Lexa Fly rods from Glasgow Angling Centre