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6 Well done Mr Cribbins
In his 90th year, actor Bernard Cribbins is honoured for his services to angling


10 All-action Avington
TF visits this iconic small stillwater which has undergone a recent makeover

15 There’s always a way
Overcoming shallow water and sunny conditions at Tullich Fishery in Aberdeenshire

20 Living in the shadows
Mike Thrussell targets the dark water drop-offs at Llyn Alwen in North Wales

26 Staying afloat
Float-tubing tactics at Thrybergh near Rotherham

32 Dutch doubles
Matt Roberts goes tubing in Holland to catch huge pike on fly

37 They’re on the hoglouse!
If you think sport at Grafham revolves around shrimp and buzzers – think again


42 The olive hatch
To fish the fly correctly you must know its behaviour


47 UK waters
Four top waters to visit this month

50 Spotlight on...
Summer hotspots at Rescobie Loch

52 Free fishing on the Itchen
You can fish a free stretch of this world famous river in Winchester


54 Advice squad
TF’s experts answer your questions on improving catch rate in a rise and coping with a caenis hatch

58 How to...
Catch with terrestrials

62 Tackle advice
Simon Kidd advises on fishing vest choices


63 No-hackle Dun
Step-by-step to an easy Olive dry fly

66 Flybox fillers
Russ Symons ties a highly effective Squirrel Nymph

70 Fastmail flies of the month
Six top patterns to try this summer

72 Flymasters
Peter Gathercole judges your flies tied to tempt daphnia-feeding trout and sets a new challenge


77 New gear
Robbie Winram reviews the latest gear including rods, waders and fly boxes

82 Fly-tying products
Tying with Scruffy Dubbing, coloured resins and fluorescent floss


84 News
What’s hot and who caught what?

86 Letters
Trout Fisherman readers have their say

88 Cockwill
Peter embarks on a new chapter in life

89 Airflo Spring Invitational
Results and tactics from this inaugural competition

90 Troutmasters
Are you among this month’s badge winners?

95 Match news
The 2018 Spring Loch-style Home International

98 Wading in
Jeff Prest examines where stillwaters might be heading in the future


46 Subscription offer
Save up to 51% when you subscribe to Trout Fisherman magazine

76 Reader offer
Get a Storafly box and 200 assorted flies for only £39.99 – a saving of £115!