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6 Your first...
TF readers reveal their fly-fishing firsts...

8 12 months, 12 recruits?
Paul Richardson shares the lessons he learnt when trying to get 12 people into fly-fishing


14 Headwind action
Why getting distance and turnover into a headwind can make a world of difference

20 It’s time for big browns
Those huge browns are stocked in winter, so now’s the time to catch them

26 When amber means go!
A northern angler has success with that top winter pattern, the Amber Apps’ Worm

32 Better Booby fishing!
If there’s one fly that reigns supreme in winter it has to the Booby, as Steve Cullen explains

38 The Wednesday Fly
Why using unusual colour combinations can provoke more takes


42 Make your gear last!
Prolong the life of your fishing gear


47 UK waters
Four top fisheries to visit this month

50 Exhilarating Exmouth
A fishing paradise in north-west Australia


54 Advice squad
TF’s panel of experts answer your questions

57 Fly rod hunting?
Top tips if you are planning on buying a new rod

58 How to...
Fish nymphs in winter


63 Pearly Invicta Muddler
Follow Peter Gathercole’s sequence

66 Flybox fillers
Russ Symons ties a Black Poodle, an old-time pattern enjoying something of a resurgence

70 Flymasters
Peter Gathercole judges your modern mini lure/wet fly entries and sets a new challenge


75 Gear on test
Robbie Winram reviews the new Greys Combo outfits, Scierra neoprene waders and more...

80 Fly-tying products
Lever-action vice, suede chenille and hare dubbings


82 News
Win a stay in France, book tickets for fishing shows and what’s new on the trout scene

84 Buyer beware
The perils of buying ‘cheap’ tackle on eBay

85 Book & DVD reviews
Jeffrey Prest peruses the latest offerings

86 Letters
Trout Fisherman readers have their say

88 Tackling jargon
What do some of those terms in the tackle brochures actually mean? We find out...

90 Cockwill
In celebration of the many trout species now out there

91 Troutmasters
Are you among this month’s badge winners?

95 Iain Barr
The former world champion reveals his top tips for winter sport on small stillwaters

98 Wading in
Jeff Prest investigates a new species of brown trout found in a Scottish loch


46 Subscription offer
Receive an Outlander mesh vest when you subscribe to Trout Fisherman magazine

74 Reader offer
Get a large Storafly box and 200 assorted flies for only £49.99 – a saving of £145!