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6 Your first
Readers share stories of their fly-fishing ‘firsts’


8 Lines of attack
Steve Cullen highlights the need for a variety of fly lines when tackling stillwaters

14 Ravo’s brutes!
Top match angler Rob Edmunds on how to target Raventhorpe’s doubles

20 Turn your world upside down
Why hooks that sit the ‘wrong way round’ are enjoying a resurgence on the match scene

26 Sheer quality
Thornwood Springs fishery has made significant improvements, as Peter Cockwill discovers

32 Over the moor
We visit Scaling Dam, one of Northumbria Water’s more unsung venues

38 Global flyfisher
In America Paul Richardson learns all about ‘short game’ tactics on the rivers


42 Fly combos for June
Peter Cockwill provides six lines of attack that will work on a range of fisheries

44 Fly box essentials
Phil Dixon picks six favourite Fastmail flies for spring


47 UK waters
Four top trout fisheries to visit this month

50 Spotlight on...
Late spring hotspots at Draycote

52 Rod fathers
A celebration of the role our dads, granddads and other fine chaps played in helping us take up fishing

54 Catch memories
A memorable double bag limit at Chew Valley


56 Advice squad
Leader material for dry fly tactics, protecting scissor tips and how to encourage newcomers into the sport

60 How to tie...
Sparse flies with top tips from Paul Procter


65 Flashback Damsel Nymph
A deadly June pattern for stillwaters

68 Flybox fillers
Russ Symons on how to tie a Sedgehog

72 Flymasters
Peter Gathercole judges your detached body Mayflies and sets a new challenge


77 Gear on test
Robbie Winram reviews Shakespeare and Orvis rods, Hardy reels, Airflo clothing and more

82 Fly-tying products
We try Gunville foam cutters, Semperfli wire and Veniard chenille


84 News
Latest from the trout fishing scene, plus Ian Muckle’s report on sport in Scotland

86 Letters
Trout Fisherman readers have their say

88 Cockwill
How our feathered fishing companions can delight and frustrate in equal measure

89 Troutmasters
Are you among this month’s badge winners?

95 Iain Barr
The world-class matchman offers his top tips on catching in a flat calm

98 Wading in
Fishing’s peace and quiet will be its saviour says Jeff Prest


46 Subscription offer
How you can subscribe to Trout Fisherman magazine for just £3.10 a month

76 Reader offer
Greys Strata CT waders and boots plus a line tray – all for £124.99, a saving of £115!