The Seniors will go on to fish the Senior Final at Draycote Water on Monday 7 October 2019

The Juniors will go on to fish the Junior Final at Thrunton Long Crag Trout Fishery on Sat 20 & Sun 21 July 2019


This page is being updated on a regular basis, as and when the fisheries inform us of their winner(s).

Achagour Fish Ponds  (S)  Colin Moffat

Albury Estate Fisheries  -  (S) Robert King     (J) N/A

Alderneuk Fishery  -  (S) Ian Jones       (J) Alfie McEwen

Aldin Grange Lakes  -  (S) Leonard Broxson    (J) N/A

Artloch Fishery  -  (S) Neil Scowen  (J) Alex Aamer

Avington Trout Fishery  -  (S) Gary Styles     (J) Fredderick Philpott (runner-up James Sampson will take his place)

Avon Trout Fishery - (S) David King (J) Jake Humes

Bank House Fly Fishery  -  (S) David Neilson

Barn Elms Trout Fishery  -  (S)  Colin Esders

Bessy Beck Trout Fishery  -  (S) Michael Leng     (J) N/A

Bigwell Fly Fishery  -  (S) John Burton     (J) Ethan Clarke

Blackdyke Trout Fly Fishery  -  (S) Martin Smith

Blakewell Fishery

Blithfield Anglers - (S) Norman Swinson

Borland Reservoir  -   (S) Ross Frame     (J) N/A

Bransford Game Fisheries  -  (S) Mike Bruton

Brick Farm Lakes  -  (S) Patrick Bowles

Broomhill Fly Fishery

Burns Trout Fishery - (S) Vance Morrison (J) Kian Roberts

Carbeth Fishery

Carlogie Dam Fishery - (S) David Moodie

Chalk Springs Trout Fishery  -  (S) Mike Richards     (J) Rose Marriot

Chatton Trout Fishery  -  (S) Jim Tuck

Chiphall Lake Trout Fishery - (S) Graham Spencer (J) Fraser Burnett

Church Paddock Trout Fishery

Clatworthy Reservoir  -    (J) Max Mockridge

Coltsford Mill Trout Fishery  -  (S) Andy Parks     (J) Eddie Benton

Draycote Trout Fishery - (S) Peter Elliot

Dunlichity Trout Fishery  -  (S) Dean Geddes

Elan Valley  -  (S) Patrick Sharman

Elinor  -  (S) Paul Haskey

Ellerdine Lakes  -  (S) Zygmunt Swajkowski     (J) Adam Strachan

Exe Valley Fishery  -  (S) Chris Short     (J) Sam Shepherd

Eyebrook Reservoir -  (J) Benjamin Middleton

Fish XL (Fly)

Forbes of Kingennie  -  (S) Callum Cochrane (J) Jake Gilchrist

Foremark Reservoir - (S) Richard Miller

Frensham Trout Fishery  -  (J) Lewis Westmacott

Geddes Trout Fishery  -  (S) Zak Keil

Glen of Rothes Trout & Coarse Fishery  -  (S) Gavin Addison (runner-up Jimmy Rhind will take his place)     (J)  Jack Wilkie

Glenbervie Fishery - (S) Jim Watson

Glenquicken Farm Trout Fishery - (S) David McNally

Glyncorrwg Ponds - (S) Mr J Campbell

Graiglwyd Springs  -  (S) Peter Lloyd (runner-up Karl Edwards will take his place) (J) James Penwright

Hawkridge Reservoir

Haywards Farm Lake

Higham Lake Trout Fishery - (S) Steven Atherton

Hollies Trout Farm & Fishery  -  (S) Chris Harding

Innis Fly Fishery - (S) Calvin Wallace

Jericho Loch  -  (S)  Ricky Brown     (J) N/A

Kailzie Fishery -   (S)  Paul Snaith     (J) Aaron Willis

Kilnsey Park Fly Fishery  -  (S) Mike Towers     (J) Matthew Bracewell

Kingfisher Trout Lakes  -  (S) David Hoppe

Kinross Trout Fishery - (S) Marco Capozella (J) Lee Gilruth

Knitsley Mill  -  (S) Iain Scott (J) Max Churchyard

La Cascade  -  (J) Hannah Winser

Langley Dam - (S) Alan Kavanagh

Lechlade Trout Fishery -  (S)  Ian Pym         (J) N/A

Leighton Reservoir - (S) Glyn Yeates     (J) Joe Stephenson

Lenches Lakes - (S) Jason Malin     (J) N/A

Llandegla Trout Fishery  -  (S) Lynda Ector     (J) James Penwright - Matthew Davies will take his place

Llyn Clywedog Trout Fishery - (S) Enid Edwards

Llyn Gwyn  -  (S) Paul Sharman     (J) N/A

Lochter Fishery  -  (S) Colin McDonald     (J) None

Loynton Trout Fishery  -  (S) Phil Evans     (J) Charlie Huntley

Manningford Trout Fishery (J) Rafe Smith

Marston Wyse Trout Farm  -  (S) Keith Barker     (J) Daniel Pala

Meon Springs - (S) Richard Winser     (J) Adam Lang

Mill of Kellas Trout Fishery -  (S) Kyle Moir

Millbuies Trout Fishery  -  (S) Gary Gormley

Moffat Fishery / The Green Frog - (S) Alexander Saville

Moulin De Chaise Dieu Du Theil  (S) Gilles Bachmann     (J) N/A

Narborough Fisheries  -  (S) Mark Neilson (J) Matteo Tarsitano

New Mills Trout Fishing Park  -  (S) Gordon Webb (J) Charlie Southworth

Norton Fishery  -  (S) Alexander Voronyuk

Paper Mill Trout Fishery  -  (S) John Turner (2nd place David Rees will be attending the final)       (J) Evan Williams

Parkview Fishery (Fly) (S) Sandy Page

Patshull Park Fishery  -  (S) Chris Mills     (J) Marcus Cordingley

Pinbraid Fishery - (S) Andrew Scobie

Raemoir Trout Fishery  -  (S) Joe McGregor

Raith Lake - (S) Donald McKenzie

Ravensnest Trout Fishery  -  (S) Garry Wharton

Rescobie Loch Development Association - (S) Lee Brewster (J) N/A

Rib Valley Fishing Lakes  -  (S) Martin Harvey 

Rockbourne Trout Fishery  - (S) Aaron House (J) Evan Hector

Sharpley Springs  -  (S) Paul Kirkhouse

Siblyback Reservoir - (S) Dave Perks

Simpson Valley Coarse & Trout Fishery  -  (S) Richard Cooper     (J) N/A

Springhill Trout Waters  -  (S) John Golder

Stocks Reservoir

Sutton Bingham Reservoir - (S) John Ewington

Sweethope Lough - (S) James Carr

Syon Park  (S) Patrick D’Cruz

Tan-y-Mynydd Fishery  -  (S) Gaynor Webb     (J) Ethan Welch

Tarvie Lochs Trout Fishery  -  (J) Jozer Lipovski

Tavistock Trout Fishery - (S) Terrence O’Keefe (J) George Counsell

Temple Trout Fishery - (S) Dave Parsons

Tenterden Trout Waters (S) Keith Richardson - Ian McKenzie will take his place at the final

Thornton Reservoir - (S) Andrew Lilley

Thornwood Trout Fishery  -  (S) Les Plaster     (J) Ethan Wells & Innes Gregory

Thrunton Long Crag Trout Fishery  -  (S) Phil Green     (J) Ryan Foggon

Tree Tops Fly Fishery  -  (S) David Chamberlain     (J) George Clarke

Tyn-y-Graig Farm  -  (S) Trevor Davies     (J) N/A

Walthamstow Fishery  (S)  John Ferguson

Washburn Valley Fisheries  -  (S) Bob Smith

Wellsfield Trout Fishery -   (S) David Morrison     (J) N/A

West House Trout Lakes - (S) Neil Coulson

Westlow Mere  -  (S) Geoffrey Hogg     (J) Charley Hopkins

Withern Mill Trout Farm -  (S) Harold Pritchett

Woolaston Court Trout Lakes  -  (S) Kasidit Leoviriyakit     (J) Wilbur Leoviriyakit

YNYS-Y-FRO Reservoirs  -  (S) Phil Morgan




Fisheries are now starting to submit their fish-off dates. As soon as they are provided, the dates will go on the calendar below and then letters will be sent out to all anglers involved soon after. Please give at least two weeks from seeing the date below to receiving your letter. If you haven’t heard after then, please call/email Samantha Toombs on 01733 395157 / samantha.toombs@bauermedia.co.uk

Once you have received your letter can you please call the fishery to confirm whether you are able to attend or not. Please remember this is their business and they cannot afford to close their fishery for the day should they think they have enough anglers, only to find out on the day, they could have kept their lake open for more paying customers, thank you.

As a competitor, you must be aware that you will be subject to normal day ticket prices as set by your qualifying fishery. Please check with your fishery.

Fishing the final at Draycote in October and Thrunton Long Crag in July is free.

2018-19 Fish off Calender.jpg

List of all 2019 TROUTMASTERS fisheries

Listed below are all the fisheries who have joined the 2019 Troutmasters competition to date.

This page will be updated on a regular basis as and when fisheries join the competition.

To visit the fishery you are interested in, just click on the web address on the right and it will automatically take you straight to their website where you can find out all you need to know:



Albury Estate Fisheries – Guildford – www.alburyestatefisheries.co.uk

Aldin Grange Lakes - Durham - www.aldingrangelakes.co.uk

Avington Trout Fishery – Winchester - www.avingtontrout.com

Bank House Fly Fishery - Nr Lancaster - www.bankhouseflyfishery.co.uk

Barn Elms Trout Fishery - Reading - www.barnelmsfishery.co.uk

Bessy Beck (Fly & Bait) – Cumbria - www.bessybecktrout.co.uk

Blackdyke Trout Fly Fishery – Thotford - www.blackdykefishing.co.uk

Blithfield Anglers - Abbots Bromley - www.blithfield-anglers.co.uk

Bransford Game Fisheries – Worcester - www.bransfordgame.com

Brick Farm Lakes – Herstmonceux - www.brickfarmlakes.co.uk

Chalk Springs Trout Fishery – Arundel - www.chalksprings.com

Chiphall Lake – Fareham - www.chiphalllake.co.uk

Church Paddock – Winchester - www.churchpaddock.com

Coltsford Mill – Surrey - www.coltsfordmill-fishery.co.uk

Draycote Trout Fishery – Rugby - www.flyfishdraycote.co.uk

Ellerdine Lakes – Telford - www.ellerdine-lakes.co.uk

Elinor Trout Fishery – Kettering – www.elinortf.co.uk

Exe Valley Fishery – Dulverton - www.exevalleyfishery.co.uk

Frensham Trout Fishery - Surrey - www.fishcountryleisure.com

Higham Lake – Northumberland - www.highamlakes.com

Hollies Trout Farm – Honiton – www.holliestroutfarm.co.uk

Innis Fly Fishery - Nr St Austell - www.innisflyfishery.co.uk

Kilnsey Park Fly Fishery – Skipton - www.kilnseyfishing.co.uk

Kingfisher Trout Lakes – Hereford - www.fisheries.co.uk/kingfisher

Knitsley Mill (Fly & Bait) – Consett - www.knitsleymillfishinglakes.co.uk

Langley Dam, Northumberland - www.langleydam.co.uk

Lechlade Trout Fishery – Lechlade - www.lechladetrout.co.uk

Leighton Reservoir – Ripon - www.leightonflyfishing.co.uk

Lenches Lakes - Evesham - www.lencheslakes.co.uk

Loynton Trout Fishery – Stafford - www.loyntontroutfisheries.co.uk

Marston Wyse Trout Farm – York - www.maranlakes.co.uk

Meon Springs – Petersfield - www.meonsprings.com

Moorhen Trot Fishery - Petersfield - www.moorhentroutfishery.co.uk

Narborough Fisheries - Kings Lynn - www.narfish.co.uk

Norton Fishery – Stapleford Tawney - www.nortonfishery.com

Parkview Fishery - Fife - www.

Patshull Park Fishery – Wolverhampton - www.patshull-park.co.uk

Press Manor Fishing Lakes - Chesterfield - www.pressmanorfishinglakes.com

Rib Valley Fishing Lakes – Ware – www.ribvalleyfishinglakes.co.uk

Rockbourne Trout Fishery – Fordingbridge - www.rockbournetroutfishery.co.uk

Sharpley Springs Fly Fishery - Co Durham - www.sharpleysprings.blogspot.co.uk

Siblyback Lake - Liskeard - www.swlakestrust.org.uk/lakes/cornwall/siblyback

Springhill Trout Waters – Pembury - www.springhilltroutwaters.co.uk

Stocks Reservoir - Nr Clitheroe - www.stocksreservoir.com

Sweethope Fly Fishery – Newcastle - www.sweethopeadventure.co.uk

Syon Park Fishery – Brentford – www.alburyestatefisheries.co.uk

Tavistock Trout Fishery – Tavistock - www.tavistocktroutfishery.co.uk

Temple Trout Fishery (Fly & Bait) – Bodmin - www.templefishery.co.uk

Tenterden Trout Waters – Tenterden - www.tenterden-trout-waters.co.uk

Thornwood Trout Fishery – Epping - www.thornwoodsprings.com

Thrunton Long Crag Trout Fishery – Alnwick - www.thruntontroutfishery.co.uk

Toft Newton Trout Fishery - Market Rasen - www.toftnewton.com

Washburn Valley Fisheries – Harrogate - Contact:  01943 880658

West House Trout Lakes – Bishopton - www.westhouse-troutlakes.co.uk

Westlow Mere – Congleton - www.westlowmere.co.uk

Withern Mill Trout Farm – Alford - www.withernmilltroutfarm.co.uk

Woolaston Fishery – Lydney - www.woolastonfishery.co.uk




La Cascade, Estree Wamin - www.lacascadefrance.com

Moulin De Chaise Dieu Du Theil - Le Theil - www.moulin-de-chaise-dieu.fr




Achagour Fish Ponds – Nairn - www.achagourfishingponds.co.uk

Alderneuk Fishery – Dumfries - www.alderneukfishery.co.uk

Artloch Fishery – Huntly - www.artlochfishery.co.uk

Avon Trout Fishery – Airdrie - www.avontroutfisherylanarkshire.co.uk

Borland Reservoir (Fly & Bait) – Cumnock - Contact:  07958 279740

Broomhill Fly Fishery – Ayr – Contact:  07711527358

Burns Trout Fishery (Fly & Bait) – Tarbolton - Contact:  01292 540214

Carlogie Dam Fishery – Carnoustie - www.carlogie.co.uk

Delgatie Trout Fishery - Turriff - Contact: 07894 835232

Dunlichity Trout Fishery – Inverness - www.dunlichityhouse.com

Fish XL (Fly & Bait) – Broxburn - www.fishxl.co.uk

Forbes of Kingennie – Dundee - www.forbesofkingennie.co.uk/fishing

Geddes Trout Fishery – Nairn - www.geddestrout-coarsefishery.com

Glenbervie Fishery – Larbert - www.glenberviefishery.com

Glen of Rothes Trout & Coarse Fishery – Aberlour - www.morayflyfishing.co.uk

Glenquicken Farm Trout Fishery - Newton Stewart – www.glenquickentroutmastersfishery.co.uk

Jericho Loch – Thorthorwald - www.jericho-fly-fishers.weebly.com

Kailzie Fishery – Peebles - www.kailziefishery.co.uk

Kinross Trout Fishery - Kinross - Call 07376 762057

Lochter Fishery – Inverurie - www.lochter.co.uk

Mill of Kellas Trout Fishery – Elgin - www.millofkellastroutfishery.co.uk

Millbuies Trout Fishery – Fogwatt -   www.morayflyfishing.co.uk

Moffat Fishery / The Green Frog – Moffat – www.thegreenfrogmoffat.co.uk

Pinbraid Fishery – Girvan - www.flyfishingscotland.com/subpages/pinbraid.htm

Raemoir Trout Fishery – Banchory - www.bigfish32.wix.com/raemoirtroutfishery

Raith Lake – Kirkaldy - www.raithlake.com

Rescobie Loch Development Assoc. - Forfar - Contact:  01307 830367

Tarvie Lochs (Fly & Bait) – Contin - www.tarvielochs.co.uk

Wellsfield Trout Fishery – Denny - www.wellsfield.co.uk




Big Well – Monmouth - www.bigwellflyfishery.co.uk

Eisteddfa Fishery - Criccieth - www.eisteddfa-fisheries.com

Elan Valley – Rhayader - www.rhayaderangling.co.uk

Graiglwyd Springs – Bangor - www.graiglwydsprings.co.uk

Llandegla Trout Fishery – Wrexham - www.llandeglafishery.com

Llyn Clywedog Trout Fishery - Newtown - www.clywedogtroutfishing.co.uk

Llyn Gwyn – Rhayader - www.rhayaderangling.co.uk

Paper Mill Fishery - Swansea - www.papermillfishery.com

Tan-y-Mynydd Fishery – Abergale - www.tan-y-mynydd.co.uk

Tree Tops Fly Fishery – Wrexham - www.walesselfcatering.co.uk

Tyn-y-Graig Farm – Crynant – Contact 01639 750894                    

YNYS-Y-FRO Reservoirs - Newport - www.nrffa.co.uk


Troutmasters Taking Part & Rules


Anglers can visit any trout fishery within the UK who has joined Trout Fisherman magazine's TROUTMASTERS scheme. There are 100s of waters across the UK who are currently taking part in the scheme, and to see the whole list, click on the link at the bottom of this page.

You will be charged the normal day-ticket cost to fish (rates vary at different fisheries).  Once a fish has been caught, fill in the TROUTMASTERS form which should be located in the fishery and then either the fishery or the angler should send the form to the TROUTMASTERS office (freepost - no stamp is required). All details must be filled in on the form, and signed.

Once received at the TROUTMASTERS office, the entry is then added to a database and at the end of each month the top three catches from each fishery is calculated and badges are sent out to the captors of the winning fish. Their details will then be recorded in the next available issue of Trout Fisherman. Look out on the web each month for dates.

All badge winners will be invited to a fish-off from the fishery they won their badge at.  This happens from February – May each year. The winners from each fishery then go on to the final.  Click below to view TROUTMASTERS Fish-off / Senior & Junior Finals.

Any further questions?

If you have any TROUTMASTERS queries, please contact Samantha Toombs, Troutmasters co-ordinator on 01733 395157 or email samantha.toombs@bauermedia.co.uk


Troutmasters is the largest trout fishing competition of its type in Europe, anyone from novices to match anglers are welcome to take part.

We have three categories:

JUNIOR - 13 yrs and under

YOUTH - 14 - 17 Years (NEW to 2019)

SENIOR - 18 yrs +

Anyone catching a large trout on any registered Troutmasters Water should be asked if they would like to register for the competition.

At the end of every month, the three entrants who have caught the top three fish at each water will receive a Troutmasters cloth badge.

At the end of the year, all badge holders will be eligible to enter a fish-off at their qualifying water to determine who will represent each water in either the Senior or Junior final.

The 2019 competition will run from 21st December 2018 to 20th December 2019.

Each monthly competition runs from 21st of one month to 20th of the next month.  

All official Troutmasters forms must be completed and witnessed by a fishery official and forwarded to Trout Fisherman within five days. 

Fishery staff are not eligible to enter the competition.

Anglers can enter fish caught on any method so they can win a badge.  But the Senior and Junior finals remain FLY only

The competition is only open to purchasers of day, week or season tickets at registered Troutmasters Waters.

Two separate witnesses are required – one to the catch and one to the weighing.  Entries are not valid if these sections are not completed.

If a fish is released alive, it MUST have been witnessed by an official member of the fishery staff, and weighed on an approved scale.

Stillwater Salmon can be entered.

All fish-offs must be policed and run by individual waters.  All fisheries will be sent a set of recommended guidelines for running a fish-off.

Fishery managers must notify Trout Fisherman of fish-off winners by the deadline given.  Late entries will not be eligible to take part in the final.

Trout Fisherman reserves the right to select the final three badge winners allocated at each final every month. The editor’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Trout Fisherman is at liberty to withdraw any water or angler from the competition – no reason need be given.

Troutmasters Fish-off / Senior & Junior Finals

The Senior Final is at Draycote Water, Monday 7 October 2019

The Junior Final is at Thrunton Long Crag fishery, Saturday & Sunday July 20-21, 2019

Fish-off details will be posted from January 2019 as and when fisheries confirm their dates.  The Senior and Junior fish-off’s at each fishery will be held on the same day and classed as two separate competitions.  Letters to all qualifiers will be sent out from February 2019 (again when fisheries confirm their date).

Any further questions?

If you have any Troutmasters queries, please contact Samantha Toombs, Troutmasters co-ordinator on 01733 395157 or email samantha.toombs@bauermedia.co.uk


How to Join Troutmasters Flyfishing Competition

Troutmasters is the premier flyfishing competition in Europe which is now in its 40th year and is a key element in Trout Fisherman’s relationship with its readers.  We are keen to get as many anglers young and old included as possible, therefore we are relying on you to encourage ALL your customers to enter – in turn raising the profile of your fishery and generating more angler visits, giving you more revenue.

To help you promote Troutmasters we will send you a sign which can be placed at the front of your fishery to say you are a Troutmasters water.  You will also receive posters to be placed inside the fishery along with a form dispenser to go on your counter with entry forms for both seniors and juniors.  In return, you’ll get monthly promotion via the Troutmasters listings pages in Trout Fisherman magazine, which is Britain’s biggest stillwater trout publication.  And, if you send your reports/news/photos directly to us in the office, you’ll also get coverage on the Troutmasters web pages instantly as well as in the magazine via our Troutmasters news and picture gallery.

Above all, we believe that this year’s competition will enable you to provide additional value, prestige and interest to all of your customers.

(click on the image below to download the joining form)


  • The 2019 competition will run from 21 December 2018 to 20 December 2019.

  • Every month, the captors of the three largest fish caught on each designated Troutmasters water will receive a Troutmasters cloth badge and will be eligible to take part in the fish-offs at the end of the competition.

  • The fish-offs will continue to be held by each Troutmasters water in order to determine who will go through to the Final. These will take place in early 2019 and the finals take place in July for the juniors and October for the seniors.

  • Although all Troutmasters waters are expected to hold and police their own fish-off, all administration will be co-ordinated from the Trout Fisherman office.

  • Can we please point out that you must provide a date for a fish-off, even if the anglers don’t want to come to the final they may still want to be involved at the fish-off. All fish-off winners will receive a letter inviting them to the final and will also receive a winner’s certificate.

If you would like to join Troutmasters, please download the form here, fill in the relevant details and send it back to:

Samantha Toombs, Troutmasters 2019, Trout Fisherman, Media House, Lynchwood, PeterboroughPE2 6EA.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Troutmasters office on 01733 395157 or email:  samantha.toombs@bauermedia.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you.

TROUTMASTERS hall of fame



The fish-off’s for the 2018 badge winners will take place from February 2019 through to May 2019






Year won Badge/Year Final held

1986/87     Peter Highfield

1987/88     Jim Nicholls

1988/89     Peter Wolfe

1989/90     Ken Scott

1990/91     Darryl Cottrell

1991 / 92     Nigel Haigh

1992 / 93     David Barker         

1993 /94     Raymond Cramp

1994 / 95     Andrew Tamakloe

1995 / 96     David Downie

1996 / 97     William Sheppard

1997 / 98     Keith Bryant

1998 / 99     Matt Donovan

1999 / 00     Graham Pearson

2000 / 01     Phillip Dixon

2001 / 02     Martin Dixon

2002 / 03     Campbell Baird

2003 / 04     Rob Edmunds

2004 / 05     Derek Keenan

2005 / 06     Campbell Baird

2006 / 07     Bob Forsythe

2007 / 08     David Johns

2008 / 09     Darren Booth

2009 / 10     Andrew Scott

2010 / 11     Rob Edmunds

2011 /12     Chris McAllister

2012 / 13     Jim Tuck

2013 / 14     Gareth Tilley

2014 / 15     Steve Cochrane

2015 / 16     Brian Lillie

2016 / 17     Iain Barr

2017 / 18     Anthony Meadows



2008 / 09     Ashley Fenny / Tyler Hay

2009 / 10     Ashley Fenny

2010 / 11     Freddie Kent

2011 / 12     Freddie Kent

2012 / 13     James Foulcer

2013 / 14     Robert Gibson

2014 / 15     Charlie Hix

2015 / 16     Kyle Tully

2016 / 17      Morgan Wyn Jones

2017 / 18       Harrison Douds



2014 / 15     Charlie Hix

2015 / 16     Charlie Hix

Accommodation for the Troutmaters Finals


There are a wide variety of types of accommodation in the towns and villages near the fishery.

ROTHBURY – A small pretty market town 7 ½ miles (12 min drive) from the fishery.  Shops, Pubs, B&B’s, Restaurants.

Springfield Guest Housewww.springfieldguesthouse.co.uk

The Haven Housewww.thehavenrothbury.com

The Orchard Housewww.orchardhouserothbury.com

There are many other B&B’s and Guest Houses.


WOOLER – A small market town north of the fishery. Shops, pubs restaurants, hotels and B&B’s – 13 miles (18 min drive)

Tilldale Housewww.tilldalehouse.co.uk

Millyard House - www.millyardhouse.co.uk


ALNWICK – a thriving market town east of the fishery – shops, pubs, restaurants, Alnwick gardens and castle, hotels and B&B’s-  8 miles (14min drive).

Aln House B&Bwww.alnhouse.co.uk  01665602265

Thorncroft B&Bwww.thorncroftbandb.co.uk  01665602066

The Hogs Head Innwww.hogsheadinnalnwick.co.uk 01665606576


MORPETH - a larger market town south of the fishery with a range of facilities. Hotels, B&B’s, Guest Houses, shops and restaurants - 18.5 miles (25 mins drive).



The Queens Headwww.queensheadrothbury.com – distance as above -7 1/2miles (12 min drive)

Anglers Arms – Weldon Bridge near Longframlington south of the fishery- 8miles (12 min drive) www.anglersarms.com

The Granby Inn and Restaurant – in Longframlington -7 miles south of the fishery (11 min drive) www.thegranbyinn.co.uk  

Cook and Barker – Newton on The Moor– 12 miles South of the fishery (16 mins drive) www.cookandbarkerinn.co.uk

The Shoulder of Mutton – Longhorsley – 12 miles south of the fishery (17 mins drive) www.shoulderofmuttonpub.com

The Red Lion Inn – Milfield - A small village North of Wooler 18.5 miles from the fishery (25 mins drive) Popular with our anglers.

www.redlionmilfield.co.uk  01668 216224


GLANTON – a very small village 3 miles north of the fishery (6 min drive)

The Queens Head pub – has some large self-catering accommodation available on one floor above the pub– sleeps up to 11 people.

Lisa Chisholm – Tel -01665578324



Unfortunately, we have no camping facilities at the fishery. The nearest sites are –

River Breamish Caravan Club – Powburn. Open to members and non-members. Limited tent pitches available.  www.caravanclub.co.uk

Tel -01665578320 - 5 miles (10 mins drive).

Riverside Leisure Park -Wooler – Lodges and Caravans (static) and camping pods.   www.riverside-wooler.co.uk  Tel: 01668281447- 13 miles (18 min drive)

Alnwick Rugby Club – Caravans, motor homes and tents.   www.ukcampsite.co.uk   Tel: 01665602342 - 8 miles (14 min drive).

Highburn House Country Holiday Park -Wooler - Camping and Caravans.  Tel: 01668281344 - 13miles (18 min drive)

Snitter Farm – caravans, tents and motor homes- Camping and caravan club members only. Tel: 01669620216. 10 miles (20 mins drive)

Budle Bay campsite – Warren Mill. Touring and camping, Eco- huts and bunk houses. 25 miles (36 min drive) www.budlebaycampsite.co.uk  Tel: 01665214598


Dunstan Hill Camping and caravanning club site www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk  Tel - 01665576310

Managers – Bob and Sheena Danby. 16.5 miles (29 min drive)


If you need any help, or have any queries please ring us at the fishery.





Please find a list of local places to stay below:

When booking, please mention that you are fly fishing at Draycote as some may provide accommodation at a:- Draycote Water Angler rate.


The Draycote Hotel & Whitefields Golf Course

For the visiting angler they offer: Freezer Facility for your catch, Drying room for wet clothing & Free Wifi.

CV23 9LF
Telephone: 01788 521800


The Courtyard B&B (4*)

CV22 6NR
Telephone: 01788 810540



The Dun Cow Vintage Inn, Dunchurch

CV22 6NJ
Telephone: 01788 810305


Rugby Dunchurch Hotel (Travelodge)

CV23 9LG
Telephone: 0871 984 6099


Dunchurch Park Hotel

CV22 6QW
Telephone: 01788 810656


Napton Fields Holiday Cottages

CV47 1NN

Tel:  01926 259787 / 07749508347 Rita



Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast and Stabling

CV23 8AH

Tel 01788 522982/07581784532