Fisheries are now starting to submit their fish-off dates. As soon as they are provided, the dates will go on the calendar below and then letters will be sent out to all anglers involved soon after. Please give at least two weeks from seeing the date below to receiving your letter. If you haven’t heard after then, please call/email Samantha Toombs on 01733 395157 / samantha.toombs@bauermedia.co.uk

Once you have received your letter can you please call the fishery to confirm whether you are able to attend or not. Please remember this is their business and they cannot afford to close their fishery for the day should they think they have enough anglers, only to find out on the day, they could have kept their lake open for more paying customers, thank you.

As a competitor, you must be aware that you will be subject to normal day ticket prices as set by your qualifying fishery. Please check with your fishery.

Fishing the final at Draycote in October and Thrunton Long Crag in July is free.

2018-19 Fish off Calender.jpg