How to Join Troutmasters Flyfishing Competition

Troutmasters is the premier flyfishing competition in Europe which is now in its 40th year and is a key element in Trout Fisherman’s relationship with its readers.  We are keen to get as many anglers young and old included as possible, therefore we are relying on you to encourage ALL your customers to enter – in turn raising the profile of your fishery and generating more angler visits, giving you more revenue.

To help you promote Troutmasters we will send you a sign which can be placed at the front of your fishery to say you are a Troutmasters water.  You will also receive posters to be placed inside the fishery along with a form dispenser to go on your counter with entry forms for both seniors and juniors.  In return, you’ll get monthly promotion via the Troutmasters listings pages in Trout Fisherman magazine, which is Britain’s biggest stillwater trout publication.  And, if you send your reports/news/photos directly to us in the office, you’ll also get coverage on the Troutmasters web pages instantly as well as in the magazine via our Troutmasters news and picture gallery.

Above all, we believe that this year’s competition will enable you to provide additional value, prestige and interest to all of your customers.

(click on the image below to download the joining form)


  • The 2019 competition will run from 21 December 2018 to 20 December 2019.

  • Every month, the captors of the three largest fish caught on each designated Troutmasters water will receive a Troutmasters cloth badge and will be eligible to take part in the fish-offs at the end of the competition.

  • The fish-offs will continue to be held by each Troutmasters water in order to determine who will go through to the Final. These will take place in early 2019 and the finals take place in July for the juniors and October for the seniors.

  • Although all Troutmasters waters are expected to hold and police their own fish-off, all administration will be co-ordinated from the Trout Fisherman office.

  • Can we please point out that you must provide a date for a fish-off, even if the anglers don’t want to come to the final they may still want to be involved at the fish-off. All fish-off winners will receive a letter inviting them to the final and will also receive a winner’s certificate.

If you would like to join Troutmasters, please download the form here, fill in the relevant details and send it back to:

Samantha Toombs, Troutmasters 2019, Trout Fisherman, Media House, Lynchwood, PeterboroughPE2 6EA.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Troutmasters office on 01733 395157 or email:

We look forward to hearing from you.

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